10 Chyna Dream Matches We Never Got To See

Chyna helped prove that women could be huge draws for WWE. She broke out in the Attitude Era and became one of the biggest overall stars in the industry. The company made a lot of money thanks to Chyna rising up the ranks. Her time in D-Generation X made her a big deal, but she reached the next level when the group broke up and she was made a singles face.

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The Intercontinental Championship win over Jeff Jarrett made her the first and only woman (so far) to hold the title. Chyna continued to move forward with memorable storylines involving Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. WWE ended Chyna’s time in the company sooner than expected, due to the love triangle involving Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. We missed out on quite a few opponents, both during and after her WWE time, that would have created compelling entertainment with her. Here are just a few!

10 Shawn Michaels

The original trio of D-Generation X featured Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chyna wreaking havoc together on the rest of the roster. Chyna did face Triple H a few years later to give us that dream match, but it never happened against Michaels.

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The departure of Michaels in 1998 came when he was still teaming with the rest of DX. By the time he returned in 2002, Chyna was already outside of WWE. The limitations of Chyna in the ring could have seen Michaels carry her to her best match, as he was an iconic in-ring performer.

9 Awesome Kong

Chyna had a short run in TNA, reigniting her old feud with Jeff Jarrett. The old match featured her teaming with Kurt Angle against Jeff and Karen Jarrett. Chyna, unfortunately, wasn’t in the best place to continue wrestling, or there could have been some dream matches.

Any fan would have loved to see Chyna in her prime against Awesome Kong in a singles match. Two of the strongest and most intimidating female wrestlers of all time could have brought in some ratings. Fans unfortunately missed out on this dream match.

8 Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon and Chyna worked together and even teamed a few times during their run in The Corporation faction. Both were limited wrestlers, but they had important roles on the show that required them to wrestle.

The two could have had a fun match if they used weapons or had others interfere for the story element. Fans never got a good payoff to the end of The Corporation. Chyna was usually the most beloved personality in the group, while Shane was easy to hate. WWE missed out on a solid dream match.

7 Sable

Chyna and Sable represented completely different landscapes of the women’s division. Chyna's credibility saw her tangling with the best of them, while Sable's typically limited in-ring work held her back.

WWE could have utilized some of the tension between the two to create a compelling feud consisting of legitimate drama. Chyna squashing Sable would have been the likely pay-off, but the build to the match could have thrived.

6 The Undertaker

One of the few top male stars that Chyna never got to face in singles competition was The Undertaker. There was one triple threat match where Chyna became #1 contender to the WWE Championship after defeating Undertaker and Triple H, however.

The potential of Chyna and Undertaker facing each other could have been a huge draw for the company. Undertaker was an intimidating heel during the Ministry era of his character. Chyna often stood up to the intimidating male wrestlers, but this singles match never happened.

5 Gail Kim

Gail Kim was arguably the best wrestler to come up in the women’s division, shortly after Chyna left wrestling. The classic matches between Kim and Awesome Kong showed how talented she was at playing the underdog character against stronger wrestlers.

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Chyna would have had some of the best matches of her career if she stuck around in wrestling long enough to work a program with Kim. The storytelling would have allowed both women to thrive in their ideal roles; the dominant force against the underdog with heart.

4 The Rock

The feud between the Nation of Domination and D-Generation X gave us some incredible matches in the 90s. Triple H was the primary opponent for The Rock, while Chyna faced off against the lower tier Nation members like Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown.

There were a few team matches where Chyna and Rock did interact, but they never had a singles match with just the two of them. Rock’s momentum and Chyna’s star power could have created significant results for WWE. The timing just never allowed the match to get booked.

3 Victoria

Victoria was one of the ladies to make an impact for WWE in the early 2000s, shortly after Chyna left the company. A little-known fact is that Victoria was involved in the storyline between Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, before Victoria was an on-air character for WWE.

This may have been the perfect story to create a singles match between Chyna and Victoria. The in-ring skills and fighting style of Victoria in 2002 saw her become the most dangerous woman in the division. Chyna may have had her perfect opponent in the women’s division if Victoria had been pushed earlier.

2 Stephanie McMahon

Another match many wrestling fans would have loved to see for personal reasons would have showcased Chyna vs Stephanie McMahon.

WWE lost out on a huge attraction and draw due to the personal nature of the backstage world. Chyna returning to use the real-life storyline for a match against Stephanie could have been quite entertaining. WWE did it for Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita, but that would have never happened given Stephanie’s power in the company.

1 Steve Austin

The biggest Chyna dream match that almost happened would have seen her face Steve Austin in a singles bout. WWE had Chyna win the #1 contender’s spot for the WWE Championship, with the dream match of Austin vs Chyna selling SummerSlam 1999.

Plans changed along the way, as it was believed Austin didn’t want to wrestle a woman. The match would become Austin vs Triple H vs Mankind, with Mankind winning the title. Given the finish, it was possible that Chyna may have become WWE Champion by beating Austin if the original match had gone ahead.

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