Chyna Goes After Triple H And Stephanie McMahon In Odd YouTube Video

Former wrestling personality Chyna makes YouTube videos now. In her latest edition, she had some not nice things to say about her ex-boyfriend Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon.

Chyna and Triple H dated while both worked for the WWE in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She has since accused him of domestic violence, saying he hit her when she questioned him about cheating on her. Furthermore, Triple H's relationship with Stephanie is said to be the reason Chyna was fired from the WWE.

Recently Triple H was a guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast. He said Chyna would not be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because of her "lifestyle" choices. Triple-H said that when his kids search Chyna online, he doesn’t want them seeing her "adult work."

Basically, Triple H is saying his own personal bias is the reason Chyna won't get the honor she very much deserves.

Several other past WWE employees have both posed nude and in 'adult' material. It has never been an issue. In fact, Chyna's first Playboy cover was published while she worked for the WWE.

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