Long-Absent WWE Superstar Makes Surprise Return At Clash Of Champions

Erick Rowan was going to need help if he wanted to beat Roman Reigns, and he got in the form of an unlikely former ally.

The theme for Clash Of Champions is that every main roster title is on the line. That meant 10 of the 11 matches on Sunday's card had gold on the line. There was only one match which didn't. Erick Rowan versus Roman Reigns. However, in what would be a hard-hitting no DQ affair, it was almost as if there was more on the line in this one than some of the title matches.

Reigns did not wait around to get things underway. The Big Dog met Rowan on the ramp and started the match there. Things only continued to get more out of hand from there on in. The steel steps played a big role, both competitors wound up in the WWE Universe again, and Rowan power bombed Reigns through an announce table.

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Reigns always demonstrates incredible resilience though, so if the unthinkable was going to happen, Rowan was going to need help. The expectation by some was that Daniel Bryan would show up and help him out, thus revealing they had tricked Reigns together. Thankfully, WWE decided to go a little less predictable with it. Enter a man we hadn't seen properly on WWE TV for more than a year. Luke Harper.

The long-absent Superstar appeared on the ramp and went to work helping his former Bludgeon Brother pick apart The Big Dog. With two men of that size against one opponent, it didn't take long for the curtain to be brought down on the match. That meant not only did we see the long-awaited return of Harper, but also the biggest win of Rowan's career to date by far.

Other than a cameo appearance in the WrestleMania battle royal this year, we hadn't seen Harper on the main roster since August 2018. There were reports earlier this year that he requested to be released from his contract, but due to a previous injury, WWE refused to do so. We're incredibly happy to see that any issues have been ironed out, and our interest in this storyline has very much been rekindled.

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