CM Punk Accidentally Used To Promote SmackDown Live On Hulu

Hulu used a graphic advertising SmackDown Live that featured an image of CM Punk via Xbox Live last week, and naturally, a few people got excited.

CM Punk has been gone from WWE for three and half years now and has vowed on multiple occasions to never return. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped legions of loyal fans hoping that The Second City Saint will one day go back on his word and return, and speculating on when that might be. Well, last week those hopeful fans were giving something else to hang their hats on courtesy of a slip up from Hulu.

Hulu shows both Raw and SmackDown Live each and every week, and last week the graphic of their's shown via the Xbox Live store featured none other than the Straight Edge Superstar himself, CM Punk. Naturally, those fans that saw the graphic got pretty excited, thinking that even if it was shown by mistake, it might mean Punk may be on SmackDown Live that night. As you'll all likely know by now, he was not.

Anything that hints towards a CM Punk WWE return is not going to be just shrugged off and forgotten, however, and following his absence from Tuesday night's show, some fans went in search of answers from Hulu. The Twitter account that handles support and complaints reached out to a fan in hope of giving the WWE Universe answers, telling him "we receive artwork from the provider, but we’ve reached out to our team for more insight on this." That would suggest either Hulu made a mistake, or the image was supplied to them by WWE themselves.

Anything that even remotely points towards CM Punk mending fences with WWE is always going to get completely picked apart, and being semi-advertised for SmackDown Live will only make fans speculate. As of right now, however, Punk appears to be nowhere near wrestling again, let alone for WWE. According to the former WWE Champion, he is in the market for another crack at an MMA fight despite his unsuccessful foray into the octagon previously.

It may have been something that got fans excited last week, but unfortunately, it seems Punk's appearance on the graphic is nothing more than an oversight. History would tell you that Punk will return to WWE one day—because almost everyone comes back in the end—but for now, that day is still a long way off.

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