CM Punk Always Welcome In ROH Says COO

Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff recently revealed that CM Punk is always welcome at ROH plus has indirectly been in contact with the former WWE Champion.

Admit it, as a pro wrestling fan there is nothing you want more than to see CM Punk walk back through that curtain in WWE. Okay maybe not everyone wants that, but a large part of the WWE Universe would love to see it happen. While a return to WWE seems as far away as it ever has been for Punk, a return to pro wrestling, in general, may not be completely off the cards. Punk made a name for himself in Ring Of Honor once upon a time, and their COO said the door is always open for their former World Champion to return.


Joe Koff is the COO at ROH and recently opened up about whether he believes that Punk will ever step inside a wrestling ring again. While he couldn't offer insight as to whether that day will ever come, he did want to make sure that word was out there that if Punk ever did want to come back he and ROH would welcome him back with open arms.

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Koff appeared on Wrestle Zone's daily podcast, WZ Daily, and talked Punk among other Ring Of Honor topics. As well as extending the open invitation to the MMA star, he also admitted that he has indirectly been in touch with Punk. While Koff hasn't had the chance to talk with him directly, he did say that he has done through others. Sean Waltman co-hosted the show and commented on the topic also saying that because of the way he left, its inevitable Punk will one day return to WWE.

The Second City Saint departed WWE three and a half years ago after he finally had enough of the company's booking. During that time most fans have not given up hope that one way or another Punk will one day return to pro wrestling, whether that be WWE or otherwise. There are rumors WWE are also open to their former champion returning, but they, of course, haven't been as open about that as Koff was during the above interview.


Right now it's easy to shrug off rumors and say that Punk will never return, but as Waltman quite rightly alluded, everybody comes back at some point. Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart had far worse relationships with Vince McMahon and WWE than CM Punk, yet the two of them are now Hall Of Famers.

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