CM Punk Asks Favor Of The Rock Before SmackDown, Teases Involvement

Teasing a possible part in WWE’s debut of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, CM Punk asked The Rock to call him during the show.

For those that don’t know the backstory to why Punk might ask The Rock to call him during a live broadcast on WWE television, the quick version is that The Rock is confirmed to be on SmackDown this Friday. One of the more recent times Dwayne Johnson was in a WWE ring, he called Punk on the phone during a dark segment of Monday Night Raw and during filming of his movie “Fighting With My Family”. The problem, as most fans know, was that Punk has had some very public issues with WWE at that time and the company didn’t like any references to Punk's name and the WWE product.

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Things have changed a little.

Rumors are swirling that Punk and WWE are on better terms than they have been in a long time. He’s potentially going to be working with Fox on an FS1 studio show, he’s teasing taking calls from Vince McMahon or Triple H and speculation is, everyone seems open to a return. As WWE debuts on Fox, a Punk appearance (even if just a phone call) would be huge news.

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So, if everyone is game, why not revisit that phone call Punk never answered last time the Rock was in the ring trying to call? Punk thinks it’s a good idea. In fact, he’s actually asked The Rock to dial him up.

Speaking to KROQ, CM Punk told the hosts:

“I enjoy The Rock, I do. And I’m not trying to put this out… gee, hopefully people don’t do this, but do you remember the last time The Rock was in the Staples Center?”

“Let’s do it again. When is this show, next Friday? Dwayne, call me Friday.”

Punk Has Gone And Done It

For a man who has spent the last few years leaving fans to wondering if he’ll ever return to wrestling, but bothered by the fact those that want to see him back won't drop it, he sure seems happy to dangle that carrot out there now.

Just imagine if WWE and CM Punk are working on something for Friday. It only makes sense to get The Rock involved. It be a huge moment in wrestling and for the fans.

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