10 Best Promos Of CM Punk's Career

Despite the fact he has been gone from wrestling for over five years, CM Punk still remains one of the most talked-about people in professional wrestling, with people desperate to see him return to the ring more to get a proper goodbye run.

While everyone would love to see him wrestle one more match, fans would arguably rather see him cut a promo just as badly, with Punk being one of the best talkers in the history of the company.

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With rumors swirling about a potential WWE return in the pipeline for him, let's take a detailed look back at CM Punk's career, ranking his 10 greatest promos of all time.

10 Best In The World

When Chris Jericho made his return to WWE to confront CM Punk, WWE set up a fantastic storyline and of course, it led to a brilliant series of matches between two of the very best wrestlers in the world.

However, both Punk and Jericho are known for their fantastic talking abilities and they certainly cut some superb promos during the entire storyline, with their initial promos about why they were feuding being one of the very best.

"I'm on top swimming with sharks while you're dancing with stars," is a line that nobody will forget in a hurry as Punk quickly proved he was at the exact same level of Jericho.

9 Royal Rumble Ramblings

In the 2010 Royal Rumble, CM Punk was at the peak of his Straightedge Savior gimmick, and he opted to give the world a sermon within the Rumble match itself as he dominated the match in the early moments.

Punk entered the match at number three and quickly dispatched of Evan Bourne and Dolph Ziggler and decided to get on the microphone to tell the WWE Universe about all of their problems.

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JTG then entered and was quickly eliminated as he continued his lengthy speech, eventually using the microphone to his advantage as a weapon against Zack Ryder, bringing an end to a promo that created a unique Royal Rumble moment.

8 Eye Drops

CM Punk's feud with Jeff Hardy is one of the best of his career, and a large part of the storyline was Hardy's history in regard to drinking and substance problems, with Punk's Straightedge personality being totally opposite to that.

During that feud, Punk claimed he had an eye injury from their previous match, and ended up on commentary, where Punk brought out a bottle of prescription eye drops, claiming he got it from a doctor, unlike how Hardy gets his substances.

Punk totally ran down Hardy here, showcasing his very best heelwork, demoralizing Jeff and proving that there was no limit to how low he would stoop to make a point.

7 Contract Negotiations

CM Punk's feud against Vince McMahon was fantastic and their classic contract negotiation segment was the very best of it, with the two men attempting to work out a new deal for Punk with WWE.

Punk worked Vince in a way unlike anyone has ever seen before, with Punk doing all the talking as Vince McMahon was put in his place and stunned into silence, showing how desperate he was for Punk to stay.

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This segment had the fans on a knife-edge as everyone knew his contract was legitimately finished, so fans did want to see him sign, yet ending the promo by syaing he wasn't signing just helped set the tension for his classic Money in the Bank PPV match with Cena later that week.

6 Trash Talking Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash's random return to WWE didn't really help CM Punk's storyline in the grand scheme of things, but it was interesting at the very least and created a fantastic promo opportunity for CM Punk.

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Punk came out and went toe to toe with the WWE legend on the microphone, joking that his sister thought Nash was dead as he stepped up and proved that he had no problem exchanging with a top name.

CM Punk was at his hottest during this point, with Punk being the number one name in the entire company at this point, with this promo showcasing just how confident he was.

5 Tensions Mount With Triple H

Everyone knows that CM Punk and Triple H didn't exactly see eye to eye, which is why when they ever got in the ring to cut promos on each other and this always brought the best out of Punk.

Here, Punk listed a ton of WWE talents who WWE should have kept, with the likes of Batista, Brock Lesnar, and Chris Jericho all being name-dropped as Punk tried to make a statement.

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He went on to totally destroy Triple H on the microphone, calling out Hunter for Stephanie McMahon being in control of him and how Hunter was a bully, creating some unbelievable tension within the ring.

4 Boxing With God

"Your arms are just too short to box with God." This is one of the greatest lines in WWE history as CM Punk put The Rock in his place to round out what was an incredible promo between the two men.

It takes a lot to out talk The Rock in a live segment, but that is exactly what Punk did here, proving just how good he truly is on the stick, with all of Rocky's jokes failing to live up to what Punk had to say.

While The Rock did the vast majority of the talking in this segment, it was Punk who left the knockout blows here, setting things up for their WWE Championship match perfectly.

3 Happy Birthday

CM Punk as a heel knew when to turn the screw on being as creepy as possible at times in order to freak out his opponents, which he did perfectly during his feud against Rey Mysterio.

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Punk had brought Mysterio's family into the mix and when Mysterio brought them into the ring it opened up a golden opportunity for CM Punk to be his absolute creepiest best, creating an iconic promo from his career.

Punk found out it was Rey's daughter's birthday, and he decided it would be appropriate to sing happy birthday to her, doing it in the strangest, creepiest way possible as the Mysterio family left to the back.

2 Pipebomb

Surprised? I'm positive most people assumed this would be the number one on the list, with everyone associating this promo with CM Punk as his best work, and it is impossible to argue against anyone who thinks this is his greatest work.

Punk took his career to totally new heights with this scathing promo as he started unraveling company secrets, trash-talking his boss, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon, clearly getting a lot of things off his chest.

Punk did things that nobody ever did in WWE, from talking directly to the camera to calling out friends on the independent scene. This will go down as one of the greatest promos of all time, and it is a moment that will never be forgotten.

1 Do I Have Everyone's Attention Now?

While everyone always remembered the classic Pipebomb promo, it was his return from that suspension where he cut an even better promo, continuing on from how he felt during the promo as he spoke about the power of the WWE microphone.

Punk opened up about how he made WWE socially relevant to the real world for the first time and went on to tease Vince McMahon about whether he would or would not sign a new WWE contract later that night.

John Cena ended up appearing and he got a mouthful from the Best in the World as well as Punk proved that the Pipebomb wasn't a one-off by following it up with another great promo.

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