Rumor: CM Punk Hoping To Land A "Lesnar Or Goldberg" Type WWE Deal

As well as working backstage for FOX on a new WWE show, there's speculation CM Punk may also consider wrestling again on a part-time basis.

As we approach the sixth anniversary of CM Punk leaving WWE, it seems as if we have finally reached a point where he is ready to return. Baby steps to begin with, though. Punk was reportedly backstage this week to film test footage for a new WWE studio show that will air on FS1. If successful, Punk will host the show alongside Renee Young.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, the testing went well. Unsurprising, and we'd have thought bringing Punk in for the screening was merely a formality. WWE knows how good he is in front of a camera with a mic in his hand. Plus, it isn't as if Punk has been sat at home for the past five years. He has constantly been in the public eye whether it be via UFC, his comic book work, on in the movie industry.

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What fans should not be confused about at this point is who exactly Punk will be working for should everything go to plan. The former WWE Champion would very much be an employee of FOX, not WWE. However, if WWE didn't want him on its new show, then we can't imagine the plan would be going ahead.

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What's interesting is the addendum being reported by WOR. That even though Punk will be working for FOX, he is apparently interested in also pairing back up with WWE. Sources have told WOR that Punk would be interested in signing a "Lesnar or Goldberg" type contract. So a return to the ring, but only five to ten times per year.

One thing is for sure, we have officially reached a point we didn't think we would see until hell had frozen over. Punk might only be working for FOX for now, and even that hasn't been confirmed, but it will be for a WWE show and that is something we never thought we would see again. Punk admitted at Starrcast that he would be open to talking to Triple H and Vince McMahon, time will tell if the pair got that message and the conversation has happened yet or not.

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