CM Punk Reacts To His Lawsuit With Colt Cabana Finally Coming To An End

In what is quickly becoming an incredibly newsworthy week for CM Punk, he and Colt Cabana finally seem to have settled their differences in court.

Despite almost six years passing since CM Punk walked out of WWE, the former World Champion has remained in the spotlight. Not just that, but the wrestling world has refused to let him go. There are a number of different reasons for that. Part of it is due to how much of an impact Punk had on so many fans when in ROH and then WWE.

It can also be attributed to what he has done in that time. Between UFC, comic books, and movies, Punk has constantly remained in the public eye. However, another big reason fans haven't been able to let him go completely is the lawsuit between Punk and WWE, and then the subsequent suits between him and Colt Cabana.

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It all started when Punk made comments about WWE doctor Chris Amann on Cabana's podcast, The Art Of Wrestling. Amann naturally didn't take kindly to the accusations and took both Punk and Cabana to court. After the wrestlers won that one, Cabana decided to sue Punk. The latter had apparently not followed through on a promise to pay both parties legal bills. Punk then counter-sued and the whole thing became one huge mess.

Thankfully, according to Forbes, the suing and counter-suing has now come to an end. It is being reported that both lawsuits have been settled. That's what the docket reads, and has also been confirmed by Cabana's lawyer. Although the assumption is that Punk didn't want to be involved in any ongoing litigation before he starts a new chapter of his career with FOX, a very recent post on Twitter would suggest otherwise.

After news of the settlement broke, a fan came to Cabana's defense on Twitter. Punk decided to bite, revealing it was Cabana who asked to settle. Punk also claims he tried to speak to Cabana but was denied, offered him money but it wasn't enough, and that if Cabana has just asked for the money, he would have given it to him. It's a relief to hear the court case is over, but a shame to hear that the friendship seems pretty much irreparable at this point.

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