CM Punk Suffers Second Straight Embarrassing Defeat At UFC 225

While there were high hopes for CM Punk's UFC debut two years ago, there were much more realistic hopes for his second match at UFC 225. Punk was a +230 underdog in his first match vs. Mickey Gall which ended in embarrassing fashion via first round submission, but the former WWE Champion was a modest +155 underdog this time around. Like Punk, his opponent, Mike Jackson, was in his second career UFC fight after losing in his first.

But unlike Punk, Jackson made good on his second go-around and was victorious via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) in their welterweight bout.

The first round with back and forth with Punk landing a straight right to Jackson's head. Punk pushed Jackson into the fence after which the two traded jabs with Jackson getting in the cleaner shots. The round ended with Jackson throwing a pair of body shots to Punk after the two had gotten tangled on the mat and Jackson claimed the round.

In the second round Punk was hurt when Jackson threw a counter shot after blocking a takedown. Punk then tried an umimpressive-looking guillotine that resulted in Jackson just dropping him onto his back. Jackson then just unloaded shots on Punk who turned into a bloody mess. Punk then tried a triangle choke on Jackson who easily avoided it as Jackson easily won the second round.

Round three was more of the first two as Punk was clearly fatigued and Jackson was content with riding out the round for the victory. Jackson landed right jabs to Punk who tried to takedown his opponent, but Jackson countered by just leaning against the fence. Punk tried for one last kneebar but Jackson ended up on top of him and essentially finished off Punk with some punches to the side and breezed to a victory.

Jackson didn't hold back in his "advice" for Punk and his UFC career.

It's unknown what Punk's next step will be in terms of combat sports. Earlier this week he adamantly said that he was done with pro wrestling, and it looks like the UFC may be done with him. There are plenty of other MMA leagues out there who will likely take a chance on a big name like Punk, but it wouldn't be a surprise if his UFC career ended on Saturday night with a(nother) lopsided loss, this one coming in his hometown.


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