CM Punk Joins Cast Of WWE Backstage, Reveals Status [Video]

Renee Young dropped a bomb during WWE Backstage on Tuesday when she brought out CM Punk to close the show. But, is he back?

When Punk’s “Cult of Personality” rang over the FS1 studio speakers, some of the cast of WWE Backstage thought they were being punked (pun intended). Paige could be heard saying, “No way! Is this a rib? Is this a rib?”

They were not as Punk made his way out from the backstage area and walked onto the set, looked in the camera and said, “It's as simple as this. Just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the culture.” He added, “I’ll see you here next week.”

And with that, it looks like Punk has joined the cast ofWWE Backstage and will be a guest more than once on the show.

It was rumored Punk was interested in working on the show and had tried out as a panelist for Fox. But, Punk himself had reported he was never contacted after his tryout and it appeared he was not being hired. But, as Fox works hard to increase ratings and draw attention to their new studio show, it looks like Fox will lean on Punk who will become a major draw and you can bet fans will tune in next week to see just what Punk will have to say. Speculation is he won’t hold back.

Only Way Punk Is In As Part Of The Show

Punk had said in interviews that if he were to do the show, it would only be if he was allowed to be honest about the product. With some extremely controversial segments and criticisms being flung towards WWE these days, Punk is bound to have opinions.

How will WWE and Fox work this? Is someone leaving? Will Punk have his own segment and is next week a sign he'll be part of the show every week? For now, it looks like the answer to all of those questions are 'No.' Fox has reported he will be appearing periodically on the show starting next week, but he is not, as of yet, scheduled to be a regular each and every week.

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