Removal Of CM Punk Merch From Pro Wrestling Tees Sparks Fresh WWE Rumors

The rumors that CM Punk is on the verge of a WWE return will not die, and the removal of all but one of his t-shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees have only sparked more of them.

No matter how big or pivotal one man or woman might think themselves to be to a wrestling company, the truth is everyone is expendable. Especially when it comes to a company as big as WWE. Gone are the days of one star being bigger than everyone else and even the company itself. As Stephanie McMahon once said to John Cena, he needs WWE, but WWE doesn't need him.

That being said, no matter what it does, WWE hasn't been able to shake the longing of fans for CM Punk. This coming January will mark the sixth anniversary of the day Punk walked out on WWE never to return. Yet all this time later, on occasion, fans will still fill arenas with the sound of his name. Punk clearly left quite an impression on the WWE Universe.

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Fast forward to today and it seems as if Punk is finally nearing a WWE return. While nothing has been confirmed quite yet, the latest clue comes in the form of Punk's Pro Wrestling Tees store. As reported by Wrestling Inc, the store is now inexplicably almost completely void of merchandise. The only product that remains is a t-shirt that reads "CM Punk Sucks."

via Pro Wrestling Tees

Prior to this, there was a point where Punk had more than 35 different items for sale on the site. Being a Chicago-based wrestler and PW Tees is a Chicago-based company, we'd hazard to guess The Second City Saint was one of the shop's best sellers. However, most WWE contracts prohibit employees from selling merchandise on the site, or anywhere that isn't WWE.com.

As for how involved Punk will be with WWE if at all, that remains to be seen. It seems almost nailed on that the former WWE Champion will be involved with the company's new studio show on FS1 in some way. The hope from some fans is that will eventually lead to Punk returning to the ring, whether it be for a match or two or maybe more. Time will tell, but with each passing day, the burnt bridge between Punk and WWE seems to be rebuilt a little more.

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