CM Punk Releases Epic Thor Shirt

THOR! I wrote a comic book for @Marvel and it's out today! Buy it! READ MORE! Buy a shirt at @OneHourTees! Wear it!!

— Coach (@CMPunk) February 25, 2015


CM Punk has embarked on a couple of new careers this past year. He is now signed to the UFC and is expected to make his debut at some point this year, but he is also dipping his toes into the comic book world, writing for Marvel. Punk recently co-wrote Marvel's THOR ANNUAL #1 February edition, which was released today. He is set to contribute in other projects as well, but that's not all.

Punk also has released an absurd, yet cool looking shirt to go along with the book. The T-shirt features Punk taking on the persona of Thor, with enhanced muscles for Punk's modest build and instead of Thor's iconic hammer, Punk is holding his deadliest weapon; a microphone. Say what you want about Punk, but he seems to be enjoying his life and seems to be doing just fine without the WWE.


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CM Punk Releases Epic Thor Shirt