CM Punk Rooting for Rusev?

The inaugural Payback event which took place in 2013 was presented live from Chicago, Illinois. That night, CM Punk made a triumphant hometown return to the WWE following a short hiatus to face Chris Jericho in what was a show-stealing match.

This year's event will place John Cena vs. Rusev in a “I Quit' match for the United States Championship; the final encounter between these two patriotic behemoths. This week on Twitter a “fan” snidely asked CM Punk if he had any advice for Rusev:

Hey @CMPunk any advice you wanna give rusev in his ppv match? you know alot about quiting 😎 #quitatlife #cmsucks #iquit

— gio gibellino (@GioGibellino) May 5, 2015

To which the former WWE Champion replied:

I also know "a lot" is two words. I hope he wins his match and you live a peaceful life!

— Coach (@CMPunk) May 5, 2015

Something tells me that CM Punk will not be tuning into Payback or any WWE programming for that matter but at least he sort of showed his support for a young WWE talent. That has to count for something, right?

At the very least, it's nice to see that CM Punk still has that sarcastic wit that we have all grown to love ... or hate.

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CM Punk Rooting for Rusev?