CM Punk Says WWE Got "Worked" By Conor MCGregor

Former WWE superstar CM Punk recently spoke with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg about his upcoming fight at UFC 203 and Conor McGregor vs the WWE. 

McGregor, who has been trolling the WWE for the past week, has received numerous responses from current and former WWE stars, which you can see here.

Rosenberg would go on to ask Punk if there is there is anyone in the locker room that Connr would not want to mess with, Punk had this to say. "There's tough guys in wrestling, you have to be tough to be in wrestling. Do you have to be tough to be in that locker room? Ah, Not anymore. Its's a different world and a different business."

What shocked Punk the most was the amount of Superstars that responded to him. "It's embarrassing, like, fighting with anyone on Twitter."

You can check out the entire video below.

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CM Punk Says WWE Got "Worked" By Conor MCGregor