CM Punk Gets Hit With A Stunner In MMA Practice [VIDEO]

CM Punk may not be involved with pro wrestling in any way, shape or form right now but that didn't protect him from being hit with a stunner recently.

CM Punk is back in the news again recently. Let's be honest, when is there a time when he isn't? Even though The Second City Saint walked out on WWE four years ago,  he still dominates headlines more often than not whether it be via his ongoing MMA career or rumors that he will soon return to the industry he once loved so much.

With Raw's 25th anniversary and the Royal Rumble kicking off the start of the road to WrestleMania all taking place in the space of the last week, naturally, fans started trying to convince themselves that maybe Punk would show his face. That hasn't happened and it seems pretty clear as of right now that he will venture into the Octagon at least one more time.


UFC President Dana White spoke of Punk's MMA status and admitted that he is looking to give the former WWE Champion another shot. It's obviously something Punk wants to push on with and an entertaining video of The Straight Edge Superstar training with Ben Askren emerged recently. The two of them are grappling when Askren switched it up and hit Punk with a stunner. He may claim that he has fallen out of love with wrestling, but Punk certainly seemed to find it entertaining.

CM Punk has only had one opportunity in UFC so far, and it did not go as well as he might have hoped. Punk fell to Mickey Gall in a little over two minutes. You can understand why he would want another shot after such a poor showing, but also why Dana White might not like the idea since his first outing went so poorly. Clearly, White believes enough time has passed that a lot of fans will tune in for Punk's second go around.

Talk of CM Punk one day returning to a WWE ring will likely never go away, not until that day finally comes if it ever does. Right now though, the closest we will get is seeing him compete for UFC. Hopefully, his second match will go a lot better than his first, let's just hope he doesn't try to use the stunner in actual competition.


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CM Punk Gets Hit With A Stunner In MMA Practice [VIDEO]