CM Punk Talks Chances Of Wrestling Again On WWE Backstage Debut

During CM Punk’s first one-on-one interview for WWE Backstage, he talked about the chances he’ll ever wrestle again for WWE.

Saying he doesn't work for WWE, but was hired by Fox, and that he hasn't spoken with anyone in WWE about a return, "It’s not something I’m actively pursuing," Punk said as he spoke to Renee Young in a sit-down interview. That doesn't mean no.

At the same time, Punk acknowledged that he’s 41 and that there are bridges to build and hurdles there. His tone was a mixture of seemingly wanting to do something but he also made it sound like it could be complicated knowing he’s getting older and time might be running out.

Among his like for the what the women have been doing in WWE, Punk spoke about other wrestling topics and candidly about making the decision to come back to a product he spent a lot of time away from. He said there was a time he didn’t feel anything for the business and made reference to the fact that just before his WrestleMania match with the Undertaker, he was more interested in hitting on his future wife backstage than wrestling. That he’s nervous about being back in the industry at this level makes him realize he’s changed his attitude towards the business and that he’s back with Fox and in this capacity makes him realize he's making the right decision.

Punk Will Be Back

Our first take on the interview is that it's obvious there will come a time that CM Punk steps back into a WWE ring. He seems far too excited about being involved again not to “get the itch” as Booker T had said earlier this week.

And, it sounds like he’ll be back sooner than later considering he referenced his age and hinted that the clock is potentially ticking.

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