CM Punk Teases Potential Hometown UFC Fight

While many pro wrestling fans would like CM Punk's near future to revolve around a return to WWE that seems to be off the cards for the foreseeable future. Despite not faring too well the first time he stepped into the octagon for UFC, it would appear that The Straight Edge Superstar would like another crack, and the promotion's president Dana White is willing to oblige.

Initially it appeared as if White would be unlikely to give Punk another opportunity due to the way his first match went, but recently he seems to have changed his tune. The UFC president said that even though he hadn't decided on a time or an opponent for Punk, he was in the process of looking for his next fight.


While White may not know when or where he wants Punk to fight next, the former WWE Champion has a very particular event in mind. On June 9th UFC will be holding a pay per view in Chicago. It will be the first time that a UFC PPV has been held in the city and naturally Punk seems to want in. The Second City Saint quoted the announcement about UFC 225 on Twitter with a couple of emojis that suggest he would be very keen on a fight in his home town.

When it comes to wrestling, a Chicago crowd cheering for Punk is one of the loudest things you'll hear in sports. At Money In The Bank 2011 the in-house crowd made Punk's opponent John Cena feel about as unwelcome as he possibly could. While UFC 225 will not be taking place in the AllState Arena like that match did, the building where it will be held does have a special place in Punk's heart. It will take place in the United Center which is the home of Punk's beloved Chicago Blackhawks.

On paper CM Punk having his second UFC fight in his native Chicago sounds like the makings of a dream match. In reality though it may not be the best idea. Even if the match was announced tomorrow it will still only give Punk a little more than four months to prepare for the fight. Plus judging by how his last outing into the octagon went he will want to be fully prepared and not embarrassed in front of a home town crowd.

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