CM Punk Vs. John Cena: The 10 Most Attractive Women Each Man Hooked Up With

When CM Punk made himself comfortable on the stage and proceeded to cut the infamous pipebomb promo, he started off by addressing John Cena. He stated the warped bias that afforded certain superstars who fitted a particular mould (like Cena) many more opportunities in the WWE, than a supremely talented misfit like himself. CM Punk, and not just during the course of that promo, was truly the voice of the voiceless that summer.

As ardent fans of the industry, all we can do to affect which Superstar gets a push is through the way we react to them. But CM Punk spoke all of our minds out loud on live television that day. He shot from the hip, calling out Vince McMahon’s archaic mindset and the WWE’s idiosyncratic way of functioning, laying bare everything that is wrong with it today by comparing himself to, amongst others, Vince’s golden boy, John Cena.

But while Cena and Punk trod on divergent paths in their careers, they weren’t all that different behind the scenes. I am, of course, referring to their impressive ability to score with the ladies. Chalk it up to their charisma or the allure and benefits that come with hooking up with a top guy on the hierarchy, but Cena and Punk have been with a laundry list of women, before settling down with Nikki Bella and AJ Lee respectively. In fact, they’ve rifled through so many women that we saw fit to conjure up a comprehensive list, comparing the 10 hottest women that both men got with.

Here then, is CM Punk vs John Cena: The 10 hottest women each man hooked up with!

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20 CM Punk - Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis may strut around with Mike on SmackDown Live today, professing the power of love, but she was singing a very, very different tune a few years back. At one point, Maria was madly in love with CM Punk, to the point when she even publicly referred to him as her soulmate. While Punk didn't exactly reciprocate the sentiment, he must have also been pretty involved with her as the duo dated for two years, from 2005 to 2007.

Like many other relationships in wrestling, being on the road extensively was stated to be the reason why they went their separate ways, but not before being photographed together on numerous occasions.

Everyone has that 'one that got away' in their lives. It would seem that CM Punk was Maria's.

19 John Cena - Elizabeth Huberdeau

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John Cena's high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau must have thought of happily ever after when she was wedded to him in 2009, but her world came crashing down on her only three years into the marriage. Cena would frequently cheat on her with other women, and Huberdeau embarked on a very public diatribe about him when she learned of his affair with Mickie James.

It was also rumoured that his supposed fling with adult star Kendra Lust came to her attention, causing her further strife. Huberdeau would then try to overturn their prenuptial agreement. Cena eventually settled the separation amicably and in private, but the damage had already been done. The whole episode was a nightmare, not just for him, but also for the WWE.

18 CM Punk - Felice Herrig

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Felice Herrig is a UFC fighter in the Strawweight division with a professional MMA record of 13-6, and as such, quite an unknown entity with the WWE fans. Of course, she is no Ronda Rousey. But all that changed when she garnered a lot of attention while appearing on the MMA Roasted podcast, pretty much confirming that she had dated CM Punk. Although it did seem tongue in cheek when she mentioned that she dated him for 5 to 10 years, there is hardly this much smoke without the fire.

It is speculated that they first hit it off when Punk tweeted out to her when she was giving out signed photos of herself to the fans.

Whether this one was true, we'll never really know.

17 John Cena - Kendra Lust

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Apparently, adult movie actress Kendra Lust and John Cena met in a gym and embarked on one of those steamy sessions that she is infamous for enacting. How true those allegations are, your guess is as good as mine. Some reports dismiss the accusations as baseless while some others even claim that they saw each other for up to a year.

What we do know is that Kendra herself admitted that she would hook up with Cena, but denied having already done so. However, a picture of her in lingerie with Cena's title belt strapped around her waist also did the rounds on the internet. Pretty condemning evidence, isn't it?

Cena's former wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau, also thought so. It was reported that it was upon viewing that picture that she finally snapped and filed for divorce. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

16 CM Punk - Allison Danger

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Allison Danger, or Cathy Corino in real life, is the sister of pro wrestling legend Steve Corino. She was trained by him and competed in ROH, before heavily being involved in Shimmer, an independent women's only pro wrestling promotion based out of Chicago.

Rumor has it that Allison met CM Punk when she was in ROH and dated him for 4 years, up to 2002. Not only that, Punk also mentored her and helped her out with her training as well. Of course, not much else is known about their relationship due to Punk being notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life.

Allison went on to marry Marco Jaggi, a fellow independent wrestler in 2008. She has one daughter, Kendall Grace, who she gave birth to in 2009.

15 John Cena - Kelly Carlson

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This one is purely based on conjecture, as John Cena himself denied hooking up with his co-star in the Marine, Kelly Carlson. But, he did mention that he would have had she not already been married. (Like that's ever stopped him before)

Cena, however, did get his fix when he enacted a saucy make out scene with the actress on set. Hey, that's got to count for something, right? Although nothing reportedly happened between them in real life, the fact that John Cena publicly accepted that he wanted to hook up with her on Howard Stern's show was still a little suspicious. Had they already hooked up, he wasn't going to kiss and tell, was he? Perhaps it did happen but was all kept hush-hush.

After all, if there's one thing we're entirely sure about, it's that big match John certainly knows how to raise his game.

14 CM Punk - Traci Brooks

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This was another episode in CM Punk's extensive love life that played out during his pre-WWE days (there were quite a few of them. Punk and Traci Brooks reportedly met and hit it off sometime in between the years 2004 and 2005, when CM Punk was involved in a storyline with Raven at ROH.

Brooks was a looker who could have made it big just as easily in the WWE (primarily because of Vince's penchant for signing women of a particular physical disposition) but for some reason, was never picked up on by the premier pro wrestling promotion at all. She did the rounds in a number of independent promotions and would eventually hit it big in TNA, where she would also meet future husband Frankie Kazarian.

13 John Cena - Victoria

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After John Cena hooked up with Mickie James (read: stole her from her former boyfriend, Kenny Doane), Kenny was mad and outed their relationship to the public in order to glean a measure of retribution. But he didn't stop there, also claiming that popular diva Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria, was John Cena's 'road girlfriend'.

Only, Victoria was married to Lee Varon then and stepped forward to clarify the situation, stating that she had been separated from him a number of times during their marriage and it was during one such estrangement that she dated Cena back in 2002. She also claimed that it was only for a month or so and certainly not as serious as Kenny had insinuated it to be.

12 CM Punk - Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly supposedly put herself about in the WWE locker room - if Randy Orton is to be believed -  vying for the attentions of quite a few Superstars. And one of them is believed to be CM Punk.

Like many other instances when reel life translated into reality, Punk and Kelly Kelly were romantically involved in an angle on ECW, which led to many rumours that they actually hooked up in real life. Of course, nothing concrete has surfaced because Punk generally keeps quiet about his personal life and Kelly Kelly...well, why would she ever speak about it after the stunt that Randy Orton pulled on live radio?!

In any case, this is one rumor that has never quite been snuffed out completely. Perhaps there was a grain of truth to it.

11 John Cena - Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis is another 'lucky' girl whose name appears twice on this list. But while she herself accepted that she did date CM Punk, her alleged affair with John Cena is shrouded in uncertainty.

John and Maria were involved in a backstage kissing segment, and she claimed that the kiss bore no real life significance as she was just an actor doing her job. Rumors, however, were rife that she did hook up with John Cena and considering how many women he's been able to charm with his boyish good looks and greed god-esque physique, it wouldn't come as a complete surprise if they did.

Today, Maria is happily married to Mike Bennett, who she tied the knot with in 2014. They were both recently signed on by the WWE as a package deal and perform on SmackDown Live.

10 CM Punk - Becky Bayless

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Rebecca Treston, better known as Becky Bayless or Cookie, worked in promotions like Ring of Honor, TNA and Women Superstars Uncensored. She also doubled up as an in-ring and backstage interviewer. It was rumoured that her initial stint in ROH from 2003-2004 is when she met CM Punk and got to know him.

Although it's mostly conjecture and not backed up by concrete information, it is still strongly believed that Bayless did hit off with Punk during that time. Since Punk won't comment on it and neither would Bayless, this one could have been dismissed as pure speculation. But the fact that the rumour has still hung around after all these years seems to suggest there might have been a grain of truth to it after all.

9 John Cena - AJ Lee

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AJ Lee and John Cena were involved in a romantic storyline in which AJ, playing off her very real struggles with bipolar disorder when she was young, often flipped the switch on John Cena. One moment they would get cosy, making out on live television and the next, she would pull the carpet from underneath his feet, costing him a match or something.

There were rumours at around that time - though largely unproven - that Cena and AJ were actually involved with each other in real life as well. While no reports have emerged to corroborate the theory, it seems to continue existing purely based on the John Cena's loose ways and the fact that it hasn't been disproved either. Of course, AJ would later on get married to the other protagonist of this listicle, CM Punk.

8 CM Punk - Daffney

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CM Punk and Daffney reportedly met in the indies, long before Punk's WWE stint and after her failed tenure at WCW. Like many other CM Punk relationships, this one didn't last too long either because Punk would eventually make it in the big leagues while Daffney would remain in the Indies before ending up as a TNA employee for a couple of years. Could their relationship have made it had he not been signed by the WWE and toiled for as long as he did there to be successful? Perhaps, but it's really quite impossible to tell.

Punk has had a long line of failed relationships and considering their divergent career trajectories when they met, this one was pretty much doomed to fail right from the get go.

7 John Cena - Mickie James

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The John Cena - Mickie James love affair didn't end well at all. But only for one of them. Why, you ask? Because John Cena gets what John Cena wants. Especially in the WWE.

So when he set his eyes on Kenny Doane's girlfriend - who was, incidentally, Mickie James - he got with her and Kenny's WWE career crashed and burned soon after. And when Cena was done with Mickie James and he wanted out of it, he got that too. Mickie James was booked in the extremely distasteful 'Piggy James' angle and her career with the company would soon wither away, banishing her far from sight and mind.

But Karma, it would seem, wasn't without its own sense of justice. Cena was married to childhood sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau then, and when she caught wind of the affair, a pretty ugly public divorce soon followed.

6 CM Punk - Beth Phoenix

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It has been well documented that CM Punk and Beth Phoenix were seeing each other pretty seriously at a point in time. The Straight Edge Superstar was photographed with The Glamazon many times outside of work, and it seemed like neither of them was interested in downplaying their relationship either.

Unfortunately for them, they fell out of love eventually and CM Punk, who's usually very quiet about his relationships, addressed it publicly on a radio show. He didn't have very many good things to say, however, as he referred to Phoenix as a 'complete douche bag' and also added that it didn't matter to her who it was, as long as someone was her boyfriend. I guess we can be thankful that Beth Phoenix didn't respond in kind, instead choosing to gracefully move on with her life.

5 John Cena - Melina

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Melina Perez gained a nasty reputation for being promiscuous when she was in the WWE, what with the infamous love triangle between her, Batista and John Morrison. But it was also rumoured that her charms extended to the Face that Runs the Place, John Cena.

Apparently, Melina had no reservations about getting with anyone to further her cause in the company, never mind that she had already 'moved up' from John Morrison to Batista. And John Cena was too alluring a proposition to ignore.

John Cena was just too alluring a proposition to ignore. There are reports that Cena and her hit it off during tours, but they have been largely unconfirmed. Knowing Melina's track record, and John Cena's too for that matter, I really wouldn't be surprised if that had actually happened after all.

4 CM Punk - Lita

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Lita is one of the most beloved women Superstars in WWE history and the WWE Universe was understandably delighted when it became apparent that she was seeing another fan favorite in CM Punk.

They reportedly dated briefly in 2009, before rekindling their relationship through 2012 and 2013, with many photos of the couple together surfacing online. The relationship was apparently so steady that at one time, there were even whispers that the couple was expecting their first child together. Lita was also included in the Best In The World DVD that WWE produced, chronicling CM Punk's expeditious rise.Alas, just when it seemed like Punk had finally found himself a keeper, the two parted ways.

Lita has since returned to WWE as a pre-show panelist while CM Punk moved on from the WWE and got his butt handed to him in the Octagon.

3 John Cena - Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly appears on this list again because she doubled up on her conquest by adding both CM Punk and John Cena to the list of Superstars she hit it off with. Unfortunately for her, her fling with John Cena - if you can call it that - coincided with his high profile divorce with Elizabeth Huberdeau.

This meant that the WWE had to resort to drastic measures and cancel her appearances and curtail her tour schedule just so that she wouldn't keep getting photographed with him repeatedly. Some have speculated that's what led to her eventual WWE release. It was clearly a case of bad PR for John Cena and by extension, for the WWE. Today, Kelly Kelly is married to former ice hockey player Sheldon Souray.

2 CM Punk - AJ Lee

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After enduring a multitude of failed relationships and flings, CM Punk finally found his happily ever after in AJ Lee. The duo apparently hit it off during a storyline that they were both a part of in 2102, where Lee would obsessively stalk Punk. Despite not being too sold on the idea initially, Punk eventually ran with it. And the rest, as they say, is history. CM Punk and AJ Lee would get hitched in 2014, shortly after his departure from the WWE. He would infamously receive his termination papers on his marriage day, a stunt that he holds against Vince McMahon to this day.

AJ Lee soon followed suit and retired from pro wrestling a year later, citing permanent damage to her cervical spine. She has since published a book and has said she's very happy with Punk.

1 John Cena - Nikki Bella

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John Cena has been going strong with his lady love and soon to be wife, Nikki Bella, for a number of years now. It didn't even matter that she had to sign a contract to move in with him (lol) or that he subjected her to a number of trying and testing conditions before he fully opened up to let her in his life.

Even now, it is well publicized through Total Bellas that John Cena doesn't want children while Nikki dearly wants to be a mother. But through all of the adjustments, they seem to be perfectly happy. And if your man moved mountains just so that he could pop the question to you in front of 75,000 fans at WrestleMania, why wouldn't you be?

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