Can You Guess What WWE Tag Team These Brothers Grew Up To Form?

The WWE loves to show photos of their athletes as children. In a way, it humanizes them, making it easier to root for said superstar, but it also makes for some great b-roll for their ever expanding documentary library.

These brothers were born on Sept. 23,  1974, and Aug. 31, 1977, respectively, and it seems they've always wanted to be wrestlers.

Their WWE careers actually started in 1994 with both brothers working as jobbers (talent used to put over other talent) after some time working as independent talent. Interestingly enough, the younger brother was actually underage when he started with the WWE, though they were unaware of that at the time. But by 1998 they were signed to full-time deals where they were trained by Dory Funk.

The rest is history. The two brothers fought in some of the most iconic matches in WWE history, and are known as the innovators of the ladder match. Though they've broken up and reformed, and both had successful singles careers (with the younger becoming a mega star), fans love them most when they're together.


They've had stints in TNA, Ring of Honor and of course, WWE, seeing success anywhere they went.

Did you figure it out?

The two brothers were Matt and Jeff Hardy!

Via Wrestling Media/ Uproxx

Now, the two seem to be out of the tag team picture, but WWE may be testing them out as singles competitors. Jeff Hardy recently had a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz, while Matt has been teasing a variation of his TNA Broken gimmick.

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