Cody Calls One Particular WWE Production Rule “Nonsense”

Cody spoke recently about one of the production rules WWE talent are made to follow that he believes is nonsense and helps AEW with their show.

The challenger for the AEW Championship this Saturday and an Executive VP for AEW, Cody Rhodes spoke with Peter Rosenberg of Cheap Heat and during that conversation, sarcastically thanked WWE for being so archaic in terms of how they treat one aspect of their television programming. He says WWE's refusal to change has opened the door for AEW to be more real and do something that makes a lot more sense.

What Cody is speaking to is the refusal by WWE talent to often acknowledge the cameras and the monitor as they are conducting interviews and in-ring segments.

Thanks to Cheap Heat at Fightful for transcribing the interview but the main point of the chat was when Cody told Rosenberg, "The way Kevin Dunn shoots WWE, not so much the booking of it, it's set the ball up for us. We wanted to be an alternative.” Cody believes they’ve done just that.

Cody addes, "All of these rules that have been in place for 20 years, they're not wrestling rules. They're WWE rules." Naming a few examples, Cody said during any contract signing, there has to be a fight. Heaven forbid, the person just look at the monitor because WWE says they have to stand to the side because that's how Kevin likes to shoot it. It's nonsense. "It worked for them until it stopped working for them. We're happy to do wrestling the way we want to do it."

Cody Has a Point

Often times in WWE, wrestlers won't act as though the camera is shooting them during backstage conversations. It's been one of those things fans have always sort of let slide, but it doesn't make a lot of sense.

AEW, on the other hand, has yet to have a segment where wrestlers are talking and acting as though there isn't a camera in their presence. They either talk to each other knowing they're being filmed or they talk to their opponent through the camera.

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