Cody Predicts What WWE And NXT Will Do In Response To AEW Ratings Wins

In response to AEW winning five-straight weeks of ratings head-to-head battles with NXT, Cody Rhodes knows what to expect from WWE moving forward.

In what many are calling "radical moves" and, as Cody said, "I was expecting The Undertaker to be teaming with Johnny Gargano," Cody is mindful of the fact AEW can take nothing for granted. He knows Triple H is "not a stupid guy" and "we are living in a period of two wrestling shows competing against each other for the wrestling viewer and the casual fan, so, we will see more of that."

Cody is trying to do what is best for AEW by focusing on AEW storylines, but there has been some criticism he's too focused on WWE. AEW stars are often making comments in respect to WWE creative, their roster, rumors over free agents and now ratings. At the same time, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that AEW will keep an eye on what WWE is doing.

"I have a lot of friends in that locker room," Cody stated. "I am aware [of Finn arriving in NXT] and I actually got to see the Pele Kick that he got to do and the 'turn' as it has been dubbed." He's probably also aware AJ Styles and the O.C. showed up this week on NXT programming and the show almost caught AEW in terms of the ratings, even with AEW getting a bump from last week.

Cody Should Be Worried

One loss in the ratings — whenever that comes — will not cripple AEW. That said, there is a trend that fans have started noticing and Cody is likely noticing too. AEW shows are not selling out, ratings have dipped and WWE is catching up. Hopefully, that makes Cody more keen to improve the AEW product for fans.

"That only brings out the best in us because I think we are untapped."

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