Cody Rhodes Says Which Bella Is Best While Live Tweeting Total Divas

Cody Rhodes may not be a WWE Superstar any longer, but apparently, The American Nightmare still watches Total Divas and knows who his favorites are.

2017 was quite the year for Cody Rhodes. Although he left WWE in 2016, it was last year that his career away from the pro wrestling juggernaut really took off. He joined the Bullet Club, became Ring of Honor World Champion, and all around proved to the wrestling world that you don't necessarily need WWE to make it in this business.


Despite what many fans may think, Cody isn't one of those former WWE Superstars who hates the company now that he is out of their bubble. The reason he left is simply because he and Vince McMahon simply had different visions for his future. There appeared to be no way out of the Stardust gimmick he was portraying and Cody wanted more than that. Clearly, he was right to think that.

Cody is clearly still a fan of what is going on at WWE however. On Wednesday night, the former ROH World Champion was watching and live tweeting about the latest episode of Total Divas. Cody tweeted about Big Cass's crutches, Handsome Rusev, and recalled a time that Natalya gave him the hardest slap he has ever received. The Bullet Club member was actually prepping himself for the debut of WAGS Atlanta, a show featuring his wife Brandi Rhodes that was on directly after Total Divas.

Of all the things Cody had to say about Total Divas, it was a tweet about The Bella Twins that stood out above all the others already mentioned. The tweet signified which of the Bellas Cody likes more. Apparently, Brie came to his and Brandi's wedding whereas Nikki did not, so it's Mrs Danielson that gets Cody's vote.


Seems harsh to openly select which of the Bellas is your favorite when you're presumably still friends with them. Therein lies the real reason behind the tweet though. Cody is likely still friends with a lot of Superstars at WWE and that probably includes The Bella Twins. The tweet may be very public but in reality, there is probably a private joke between Nikki, Brie, Cody and his lovely wife explaining why one of the twins didn't make it to their wedding.

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Cody Rhodes Says Which Bella Is Best While Live Tweeting Total Divas