Cody Rhodes Blames Himself For Stardust's Lack Of Push

Cody Rhodes doesn't believe that Vince McMahon holds anyone back in WWE and that even goes for himself when he was at the company.

Wrestling fans are more outspoken in 2018 than they ever have been before. With the rise of the internet and social media the WWE Universe can let Vince McMahon and co know what they think of their programming as the show is still going on. Sometimes that feedback can be positive but unfortunately a lot of the time it involves people complaining about the product.

A lot of those complaints are rooted in the fact that certain Superstars aren't getting pushed or being afforded the opportunities that some fans think they deserve. The trouble is there are more wrestlers in WWE today than ever before but the same amount of top spots. Not everybody's favorite can be World Champion or even chasing for one of the top titles.

Recently on Twitter a question related to the above was posed to Cody Rhodes. The fan asked the former WWE Superster whether he thinks McMahon unfairly holds back stars from NXT who come up to the main roster. Rhodes replied that Mr. McMahon doesn't hold anybody back. 'A lot of times it's hard for fans to accept that some of their favorites have a ways to go or that they become lazy', Rhodes wrote.


In fact the Bullet Club member even went on to say that's why he himself didn't get the push that many thought he deserved in WWE. Rhodes admitted that while portraying Stardust he ceased improving and was out of shape. By his own admission that's why the Stardust character didn't go beyond tag gold in WWE.

Many fans assume that Cody Rhodes hates WWE but you only have to follow him on social media to discover that simply isn't true. Rhodes wanted to prove that he was more than just Stardust and felt like he needed to leave WWE in order to do that. His success recently is proof that he was correct. It's also a breath of fresh air to to see a former WWE Superstar speak highly of the company even when fans try to coax him into bad mouthing them.

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