Cody Rhodes Comments On "AEW" Chants At WWE Events Like HIAC

AEW Executive VP Cody Rhodes responded to reports that "AEW" chants are breaking out at WWE events. To say the least, he calls the chants flattering.

While doing the traditional press runs that any executive would need to do to promote a new show or PPV, Cody was recently a guest on the Joe Cronin Show. During the interview, he was asked about the AEW chants breaking out at WWE events, the most recent happening during the Hell in a Cell main event between Universal Champion Seth Rollins and The Fiend.

While WWE can't be happy that fans are chanting the competitor's name during their shows, it's working out great for AEW who are trying to let as many fans know about their product as possible.

Cody said, "I mean when those come up, I wasn't watching the pay-per-view, but when those come up, your phone starts blowing up and your social starts blowing up." Calling it flattering, he also said he's not about to gloat or rub it in but you can't ignore what the fans are saying. "Whenever the crowd chants something, whether it's boring, whether it's a promotion, whether it's your name, it means they want to be rewarded with something," he explained.

Cody called giving the fans what they want "wrestling 101". That said, he knows it can be hard when you're in that ring and he felt for both competitors, especially knowing someone got hurt during the match. But he did say, regarding the "AEW" chants, "it's more validation that what we're doing and what we've been saying about this market existing, it's real."

WWE Has To Stop Opening The Door For Their Competition

If WWE doesn't want to give Cody and wrestlers from AEW more opportunities to say 'I told you so' or 'thank you for that', they need to start catering to the fans. That was something they clearly didn't do during Hell in a Cell when they left the main event wtih a no-contest finish.

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