Cody Rhodes Announces Date And Talent For Self-Funded Show

Wrestling star Cody Rhodes had a heck of a year in 2017 after claiming that it was the most successful year of his career after leaving WWE in 2016.

Now, along with Young Bucks, Rhodes is about to put together a massive independent wrestling event that will take place in an arena that holds 10,000 people. It should be a heck of an event with most of the Bullet Club members being on hand.

Rhodes announced on Twitter that All In 2018 will go down on September 1st of this year. As of right now, a location has not been confirmed, but there is a chance it could be in the Chicago area.

Aside from Rhodes and The Young Bucks we now know that Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, Adam Page and Stephen Amell will all be a part of All In 2018.

With eight months between now and when All In takes place, I'm sure there will be many more announcements on who will be taking part in the event. In order to continue to market the event, I'm certain that Rhodes will have other stars reveal that they're participating leading all the way up to the event itself. It will help create hype for the event, as well as sell tickets.

Rhodes was a star during his time with WWE after winning the World Tag Team Championship three times, WWE Intercontinental Championship twice and the WWE Tag Team Championship three times. Now he's proving that leaving in 2016 was a smart move on his part, as he now works on the indie circuit as well as with Ring of Honor and New Japan Wrestling.


Even though WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, it's not the best place for everyone. Rhodes took care of business during his time there, but he's now on to bigger and better things. And if All In is a big success, he might be onto something as a wrestling entrepreneur.

Feel free to comment below on whether or not you think All In 2018 will be a success. Also do you believe Rhodes will be able to pull off the feat of filling a 10,000 seat arena?

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