Cody Rhodes Endorsed Fan's "S*ck It Vince" Sign After Dynamite Went Off The Air

He may have waited until Dynamite went off the air but All Elite Wrestling executive vice president Cody Rhodes acknowledged a sign reading "S*ck It Vince" in the crowd on Wednesday night.

AEW's new TV show has settled in pretty well and is maintaining positive ratings. But as much as the promotion's team will insist that there's no war with WWE - WWE's saying the same about AEW - fans can clearly see that Wednesday Night Wars are in full swing.

A fan holding a sign bearing the aforementioned words was visible all through Dynamite on Wednesday night and Rhodes made reference to it after the TV cameras cut off.

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Another fan recorded Cody talking to the crowd before Dark began filming, asking the owner to show it to him again before it got shown on the big screen. That excited the rest of the fans, who started chanting "Suck it, Vince" right away.

“I cannot say anything, I think the sign says it all,” Cody said before taking a selfie with the supporters. You could take it all in by viewing the video below.

The two companies had already exchanged a few jabs before Dynamite aired this week, with Tony Khan making fun of the recent, infamous Saudi Arabia situation after CM Punk mentioned both him and Vince McMahon in a tweet.

That got Randy Orton going and The Viper would reference a news article detailing an investigation into Khan's father over corruption. Tony reminded Randy of the racist slur he made during a video game stream recently, pointing out that the probe was old news and is also finished.

Just Keeps Getting Better

This latest bit will only serve to intensify the war and, you know what? We absolutely love it.

Of course, it would do AEW well to look after their business and focus on their own product but we can't be against a back and forth between these two promotions. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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