Cody Rhodes Lost To 11-Year-Old "Clementine Cassidy" After Dynamite Went Off The Air

Cody Rhodes might need to sacrifice his AEW Title shot after losing a pretty unique match when this week's Dynamite went off the air.

AEW is home to some pretty unique talent. However, none are quite as unique as Orange Cassidy. Cassidy's gimmick has the wrestling world split like no other right now. As the AEW star is new to the majority of fans seeing him on Dynamite, it's understandable that many of those fans wouldn't know how to take him.

One fan who is definitely not on the fence when it comes to his Cassidy fandom is 11-year-old Nate Richardson. Nate garnered a fair bit of attention during Dynamite's debut episode in Washington DC for being dressed like his new hero. Cassidy even gave the young fan his attention and respect while at ringside.

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Nate returned to Dynamite this past Wednesday in Philadelphia and left with an even greater memory. With a number of other AEW stars in the ring, Cody Rhodes invited Clementine Cassidy (as AEW on TNT's Twitter account amusingly dubbed him) into the ring, reports ABC Action News. At that point, Rhodes declared that the first referee to the ring would earn themselves $50 and said what happens next could change the course of the road to Full Gear.

Rhodes dropped to the mat and initially, Nate had no idea what to do. Eventually, he drowned out MJF who was yelling "brat" at him and was encouraged to cover Rhodes by the EVP's brother, Dustin. The now-$50 richer referee dropped down, counted three and with that, Clementine Cassidy registered his first win in AEW. Rhodes handed his American Nightmare belt to Nate, grabbed a mic and said, "Get that kid a plane ticket to Baltimore, he's wrestling Chris Jericho!"

According to Nate's dad Derek, the spot was not planned and neither he nor Nate knew it was going to happen. He also revealed that Nate slept with his new belt last night and his dad had to explain to him that he won't really be wrestling Jericho on November 9, 2019. "I had to break the news that it was a joke. I don't think he actually thought he was fighting Jericho," Derek revealed. A truly touching moment, and another tick in the AEW column.

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