Cody Rhodes Reacts To Goldust Using Cross Rhodes

Goldust used Cody Rhodes' finisher during his Mixed Match Challenge match on Tuesday night and his brother seems absolutely fine with it.

Professional wrestling is the same as any industry when it comes to originality. A lot of songs in the present day are cover versions of older tunes and it feels like almost every new movie released is either a sequel or a remake. In wrestling, it's the moves that are being replicated. There are only so many things you can do before you have to start recycling other wrestlers' stuff.

We see it during pretty much every single match in WWE. The DDT was once a devastating finishing maneuver used by Jake Roberts that ended matches, and countless Superstars use the frog splash in homage to the late Eddie Guerrero who used the move as his finisher for a number of years.


What you don't often see is an older wrestler taking something from a younger performer's playbook. We saw exactly that on Tuesday night though in the latest episode of Mixed Match Challenge which featured the team of Goldust and Mandy Rose going up against the husband and wife duo of Jimmy Uso and Naomi. While Rosegold didn't leave with the win Goldust did have the most memorable moment of the match when he used the Cross Rhodes on Uso, his younger brother's finisher.

What did Cody Rhodes think about his big bro paying homage to him in WWE though? Well, he doesn't seem to be too bothered. Rhodes replied to the above tweet by simply saying "nailed it." Why would he be bothered? The two get along very well and despite what some fans may think Rhodes holds little-to-no ill will towards his former employers.


Before Rhodes left WWE he and his brother were a pretty successful tag team. That was when Rhodes was donning the Stardust paint of course which is part of the reason why he left in search of greener pastures. Hopefully, they will team together once more before Goldust retires, whether it be in WWE or otherwise, and they can perform the Cross Rhodes together in tandem.

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Cody Rhodes Reacts To Goldust Using Cross Rhodes