Cody Rhodes Becomes The New Ring Of Honor World Champion

Cody Rhodes defeated Christopher Daniels on Friday night to become the Ring Of Honor World Champion, the first World Championship of his career.

On Friday night Ring Of Honor staged their latest pay per view event, Best In The World. The main event of the PPV saw The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes take on the now former Ring Of Honor World Champion, Christopher Daniels. Rhodes' title win marks two big milestones for him. Not only is it Cody's first ever World Championship, but it's also the first time a member of the famed Rhodes family has been a World Champion since his father Dusty's last reign 31 years ago. All pretty impressive considering it's only been a little over a year since the man formerly known as Stardust waved goodbye to WWE and decided to go it alone.

Being a member of the Bullet Club of course meant that Rhodes had a helping hand in become Ring Of Honor's top guy. Fellow Club member Marty Scurll saw an opportunity at one point in the match to hand Rhodes a chair while the referee was down, although luckily for Daniels the official came to before the new champ had the chance to use it. It meant the match continued for longer than it may have done had Cody managed to utilize the weapon, but of course Christopher still couldn't stop the inevitable and wound up losing the belt anyway. Prior to Friday night Daniels had held the championship for three and a half months following his win over Adam Cole on March 10th.

As Cageside Seats quite rightfully pointed out shortly after Cody's championship win, The American Nightmare now being Ring Of Honor Champion adds a layer to another big match he has coming up. Rhodes is set to face Kazuchika Okada on July 1st in Long Beach, California. Okada is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, meaning their match up will now be a champion vs champion bout.

Despite Cody only leaving WWE a little over a year ago in search of greener pastures, he has achieved an incredible amount already. Many were dubious as to whether Rhodes was making the right decision at the time, that being the decision to leave the biggest pro wrestling company on the planet in search of something better. Even without this latest championship win there'll be very few left doubting his decision now. Becoming Ring Of Honor World Champion is the latest in a long list of achievements Cody has made over the past twelve months, including but not limited to joining the Bullet Club and wrestling the likes of Kurt Angle and Zack Sabre Jr.


With Cody's time currently being spread across a variety of different promotions some could argue that making him ROH's World Champion is a questionable move. What you can't argue with though is that if the reason he's had the strap put on him was to add even more intrigue to his upcoming match with Kazuchika Okada, then mission accomplished.

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