Cody Rhodes Responds To Seth Rollins' AEW Swipe

Cody Rhodes has offered a reaction to Seth Rollins branding AEW the "minor leagues."

The WWE star ruffled some feathers with what being viewed by a section of fans as disparaging remarks. However, Rhodes says he isn't taking Rollins' remarks personally as that's just the sort of thing that happens in the wrestling business.

Rhodes was asked about the comments while featuring on ESPN Radio recently and would recall how Rollins' first WWE dark match was with him.

“Seth is super talented, I had his first dark match in WWE, he’s a unique soul, he works his ass off when a lot of people in that company just collected checks, I don’t take it personally, that’s just a part of wrestling," he insisted.

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Cody is hardly innocent when it comes to taking shots at another promotion, having probably taken the biggest swing at WWE when he demolished a throne during AEW's first show, Double or Nothing.

The former WWE performer is set to take Chris Jericho on for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear this weekend.

Jim Ross, though, isn't ready to ignore Seth's shot.

"When I see a star, who is a very talented star, who is in a position of leadership and influence within the annals of sports entertainment in today’s market, say things like that," he said recently. "We all, that have any influence on the wrestling fans, any influence on our business, should be spreading good words, and promoting our overall wrestling business."

There's been a bit of back and forth going on between Seth and JR but it's nothing too serious. It seems like the sort of thing the AEW would react to, given the states of affairs between the two personalities.

This Was Bound To Happen

This shouldn't really be an issue either way. Barbs will be traded every now and then and it should be taken as entertainment.

These two companies are at war whether they like it or not - and long may it continue.

Source: ESPN Radio (h/t Sescoops.com)

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