Cody Rhodes Shoots On WWE Bringing Back Starrcade, Gets Invited To The Show

WWE shocked the wrestling world when they announced the return of the WCW pay-per-view Starrcade, but Cody Rhodes had some thoughts on that idea.

It has been confirmed that the WWE will be bringing back the brand names of some old WCW pay-per-views. It started with an announcement that Starrcade would be returning in November, and for the most part, fans are pretty excited. The news even garnered responses from former WWE employees including Cody and Brandi Rhodes.

The Starrcade show, in particular, is an event "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes helped make famous. As a result, both Cody and Brandi Rhodes commented on WWE on the announcement. Brandi Rhodes believed it was too little too late since Dusty is no longer alive, but Cody Rhodes (Dusty's son) seemed to be ok with the news with one exception. Cody tweeted WWE agent Michael P.S. Hayes directly, requesting that Goldust (aka Dustin Rhodes) be added to the card.


It was a shot at his former company, and it showed that Cody still isn't quite passed the bitterness of not receiving the push he thought he was due and forced him to leave WWE. He's also not happy with what he believes is poor treatment of his brother Dustin Rhodes. Dustin has had a long career with the WWE, and his character Goldust is in the middle of a personality conflict that could signal the beginning of the end of a Dustin run in the WWE.


Typically, this type of interaction or potshot gets ignored by the WWE. Instead, Michael Hayes (a senior writer and booking agent for WWE) appears to have called upon Cody to back up his words. Agreeing that Goldust/Dustin should be on the card his dad made famous, Hayes reached out to Cody and suggested that maybe it shouldn't be just Dustin who shows up that evening.

Comments from people who saw the exchange immediately ranged from surprise to liking the idea. Some even blasted Cody for trying to call out the WWE and suggested the ball is now in his court. Their argument is that if Cody has the nerve to suggest WWE should put a Rhodes on the Starrcade card, why not get both Rhodes? That's what people now want to know and are now asking.

It will be interesting to see if Rhodes accepts the invitation, or if this was just Hayes' way of getting Cody to back off. WWE has every right to host a pay-per-view called Starrcade since they bought WCW and the copyrights WCW owned. It feels like sour grapes coming from Brandi and Cody, but they have an opportunity to make the event special.

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Cody Rhodes Shoots On WWE Bringing Back Starrcade, Gets Invited To The Show