Cody Rhodes Signs With ROH

WWE superstars get stuck in a position in the company, and the only way to get a better spot is to leave. That's exactly what this wrestler did.

It wasn't a few days ago that Cody Rhodes made headlines in wrestling after he called out the WWE for promoting the use of Starrcade as a pay-per-view on their schedule this coming November. An event made famous by Cody's father, Dusty Rhodes, Cody wasn't pleased and challenged the WWE to at least use Goldust on the show. Writer for WWE, Michael Hayes responded, inviting Cody to the show. As of Sunday, that's no longer a possibility.


Ring of Honor (ROH) officially announced that Cody Rhodes has been signed and is part of their roster of wrestlers. That means that even if Cody wanted to, he couldn't show up at a WWE event. As is reporting, "The contract is said to be for several years and will give ROH exclusive rights to use him in North America, but he’ll still be available internationally when their schedule allows - including appearing for New Japan."

The deal is said to be the largest given in an ROH contract. It is for multiple years and the company plans to push Cody as the face of their promotion for the foreseeable future. It's a gamble that could pay big dividends.


Not 24 hours after the announcement was made, Cody and members of the Bullet Club showed up outside of Raw and a la D-X of many years ago invading WCW, Rhodes created quite a stir as he gathered a large crowd and got followers on his side before a Raw show that was supposed to be a big follow-up from their No Mercy pay-per-view. In Cody's mind, he can't show up on Raw, but there's nothing stopping him from showing up outside of Raw.

Did the WWE make a mistake by letting Cody Rhodes leave the company? Some will argue this is a wrestler who bet on himself and appears to be winning. Saddled with a terrible gimmick in Stardust, the WWE didn't seem to have a place for Cody and he's showing that he understands his value more than the WWE does. Others will argue that Cody is a bigger fish in a smaller pond now, and it's easier to get noticed. They'll say, if it weren't for WWE, he wouldn't be a big deal.

Either way, Cody Rhodes is now officially home. His home just isn't WWE, it's ROH.

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Cody Rhodes Signs With ROH