Cody Rhodes To Make Career-Changing Announcement On AEW Dynamite

Cody Rhodes and AEW are promoting a huge announcement on this week's AEW Dynamite on TNT. Whatever Cody says, it's career changing.

Rhodes took to Twitter and wrote, "I will be uninterrupted and have the chance to make my career announcement. I hope it resonates with the fans, because it matters a great deal to me." Considering President of AEW Tony Khan gave his promotions team grief for teasing a big announcement that wasn't all that big in the past, it seems foolish to assume AEW would make the same mistake twice. The assumption here is that Cody will announce something massive when it comes to his upcoming match with Chris Jericho at Full Gear on November 9th.

FITE TV got in on the promotion and tweeted, "What will @CodyRhodes have to say, this Wednesday on #AEWDynamite from #AEWPlusonFITE?" 

This tease seems to be a continuation from a recent episode of AEW Dynamite where Cody tried to talk inside the ring but was interrupted by Jericho who bought a ticket to the show and he, along with members of his Inner Circle faction fought with Cody, Dustin Rhodes, MJF and DDP into the arena concourse. Last week, Cody and Jericho signed their contract to make the Full Gear match official, before Dustin was attacked outside the building. Cody expects to finally have the platform to announce whatever it is he was set to announce two weeks ago.

What Could The Announcement Be?

If this is some sort of stipulation to the match, one has to wonder what it will be? Perhaps it will have something to do with his role as an Executive VP and how it will affect him challenging for the AEW Championship or getting retribution for what the Inner Circle did to Dustin?

The match between Jericho and Cody is the biggest match AEW has promoted to date so it makes sense the wrestling promotion would tease big stakes.

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