Cody Rhodes Reportedly Trademarks The Name Dusty Rhodes

Cody Rhodes now owns a trademark for the name of his late father, Dusty Rhodes, according to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer.

The AEW executive filed several wrestling-themed trademarks this year, including some old WCW ones such as "Battle Bowl," "Bash at the Beach," and "Bunkhouse Stampede." AEW will be using Bash at the Beach for an episode of Dynamite in January, so that one will certainly not be going to waste.

But, during Tuesday's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer would report that Cody has also acquired a trademark for the name Dusty Rhodes.

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Meltzer also revealed that the AEW wrestler and exec wanted to write a book about the wrestling legend just after he quit WWE. Of course, Cody probably doesn't have much time for writing books nowadays, with AEW in full swing, but Meltzer reckons it will be published at some point.

Meltzer explained that Cody could not go ahead with the book when he wanted to write it as WWE still owned the trademark for Dusty's name. But now that he has it, he could pretty much do as he pleases - whether he wants to write a book or make a film.

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This Better Result In Something

We'd love for something to come out of this, be it a book or a movie. Of course, Dustin Rhodes would likely be involved in anything stemming from this trademark, which would make this even better.

Dusty, a WWE Hall of Famer following a splendid career as a wrestler and a trainer, was an exemplary character and the world lost an icon when he passed away in 2015. It would be quite the lovely touch to see him immortalized through the creativity of his own sons. So let's keep those fingers crossed.

Source: Wrestling Observer Radio

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