Legendary Wrestling Podcast Going Through MAJOR Change

There are A LOT of wrestling podcasts to consume these days, but one iconic series is getting overhauled in 2018.

Colt Cabana plans on drastically changing the format of his podcast Art Of Wrestling in 2018 from long form interviews to something else.

There are more pro wrestling podcasts that one person could possibly have the time to listen to nowadays. It feels like almost everyone in the business has stepped into the podcasting realm. While the likes of Chris Jericho and Steve Austin are the ones that spring to mind initially, Colt Cabana is the man that started it all.

Cabana started his podcast, the Art Of Wrestling, all the way back in the summer of 2010. The reason behind it was to give fans an easier way to get to know the names and faces of independent wrestling. There is no doubt that Cabana has managed to do that. Seven and a half years and 350 episodes later, pretty much anyone who's anyone on the indie circuit has sat opposite Cabana on AOW.



Now though, the wrestling podcast innovator is looking to broaden his and AOW's horizons. Cabana announced on the latest episode of his show that as of March 2018, the podcast will be undergoing some pretty big changes. Instead of long-form, one on one interviews with guests he will be chronicling his adventures on the independent scene. It will likely be similar to what he already does with Wrestling Road Diaries.

As mentioned above, the reason Cabana started the podcast over seven years ago was to help connect fans with independent wrestling. The reason he is changing that is because now, there are so many podcasts out there that what he initially set out to do is being done all over the place. Cabana clearly believes that his podcast is no longer original and he wants to change that. He normally gives a quick recap of his week on the indies at the start of each show anyway, now he will just be doing that in more detail it seems.

It can certainly be argued that without Cabana's foray into the podcast world that we may not be in the position we are with them today. Yes, podcasts have taken off beyond belief in all walks of life but Cabana pioneered them in his industry. He certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to this and will likely enjoy just as much success when he changes AOW to a new format.


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Legendary Wrestling Podcast Going Through MAJOR Change