Comedian Jeff Ross Roasts WWE Roster To Honor Raw [Video]

All the pieces for Raw's 25th anniversary are in place. The guest list is complete, both venues are likely ready and raring to go, all that's left to do now is for the men and women of WWE to put on what will hopefully be an unforgettable show. A wrestling show that has aired every Monday night for 25 straight years is something worth celebrating.

Superstars from the past will celebrate the landmark event by contributing to the show, we the fans will do so by watching in the arenas or at home on television, while some have paid tribute to Raw in a more unique way. One of those people is comedian Jeff Ross who has roasted wrestlers past and present in a hilarious new video.

Ross teamed up with WWE in a video posted to the promotion's YouTube page and truly lived up to his nickname of The Roastmaster General. The stand-up comedian has been performing celebrity roasts for years and it would appear that no one in WWE was off limits in this latest video. Well apart from maybe Vince McMahon, Ross was jokingly cut off right at the end of the bit by being hit with a steel chair just as he was about to go off on the boss.


As for the rest of the roster well they were fair game. Ross referred to Bray Wyatt as Slob Zombie, asked if Paul Heyman would hang out with him so he would look handsome in comparison, and even took a dig at Triple H's nose saying that he could win the Royal Rumble just by sneezing. Don't panic though guys, The Game clearly has a good sense of humor as it was WWE who put the video together after all.

As funny and entertaining as this video is, it will hopefully be nothing in comparison to what WWE has in store for us on Raw's 25th anniversary show. The three hour event will be packed to the gills with wrestling, humor, moments, and nostalgia and it is can't miss for anyone who has been an avid viewer of Raw at any point during its history.

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