Comedian Says Roddy Piper Stole the Spotlight From Hogan

In classic #RoddyPiper fashion, he once again steals the attention away from Hulk Hogan.

— Marty DeRosa (@MartyDeRosa) July 31, 2015

Comedian Marty DeRosa tweeted following the legendary Roddy Piper's passing last week that in a weird way, like his on-screen character, he out-staged Hogan.

The effect Piper had on the business is telling that his passing shifted the focus to the wonderful memories he gave us, instead of having to talk about Hogan's old tape.

Just a couple of days before his death, Piper defended his old in-ring rival.

"One, it's the privacy of his own home. Two, his son was going through a really rough time. You know, he's trying to take care of his daughter, trying to keep his family together. Do I condone it? No. But I think Hulk Hogan has done a whole lot more for the society than he has negative towards society. I'm not going to condemn my fellow hall of famer when I haven't seen the whole nine yards. And I've never heard Hogan say the n-word."

Either way, may Piper rest in peace and if there is a heaven, there's some elite company waiting for him.

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Comedian Says Roddy Piper Stole the Spotlight From Hogan