Possible Condition For WWE Releasing Unhappy Superstars Revealed

Recently, a handful of WWE superstars have been public about their wishes to be released from their contracts, but they haven't had any success.

It started back in April when Luke Harper took to Twitter and detailed his request to be cut loose. Mike Kanellis and Sin Cara have both since followed suit, but there haven't been any indications that WWE will meet their requests.

One has to believe that WWE is hesitant to release these superstars simply because they don't want to risk losing them to a rival promotion like AEW. It was a brutal blow for Vince McMahon and company when Dean Ambrose rejected a new contract, only to head to AEW several months later, where he now performs as Jon Moxley.

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Well, it sounds like unhappy WWE superstars might be released on one certain condition. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), WWE may release some talents if they believe the superstars won't be heading to and/or helping out AEW in some capacity.

So it could just be a judgement call on the end of WWE as to which superstars they think may want to join AEW.

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Simply going public about the wish to leave apparently isn't enough, and both Kanellis and Sin Cara have several years remaining on their contracts. So unless they can somehow prove that they're not interested in AEW, both talents may be forced to stick around until their deals run up.

Disgruntled WWE Superstars Must Learn From Moxley

Moxley simply laid out the perfect formula for getting out of WWE. He stayed quiet about his unhappiness with the company, and by doing this, they weren't in position to add on more time to his contract. So disgruntled superstars should refrain from going public about wanting to leave WWE, because doing that has proven to be an unsuccessful formula.

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