WWE Signings: 5 Confirmed, 5 Rumored, And 10 That Are Just Wishful Thinking

WWE is aggressively trying to add talent with the new competition of All Elite Wrestling making a small dent already in the industry. Other companies being able to offer great contracts to free agents ensure that WWE will try their best to add anyone with star potential right now. WWE has been doing this for years now with the Performance Center, NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live each giving more spots where they can add talent outside of the main roster. Every independent wrestler with name value or potential is on WWE’s radar to some extent. The game changer is that not everyone will agree to a deal now since there are often multiple great offers on the table.

There are already some names confirmed to join WWE officially within the next couple of months. These wrestlers are either waiting on the next announcement of Performance Center recruits, waiting to finalize their contract or just waiting for an angle to debut. Rumors indicate that some other top names are close to signing with it looking very realistic. Despite all the already talent in WWE and joining WWE, there are some less realistic names that we would love to see. These are the wishful thinking suggestions that would be fun to watch if the realistic elements preventing them didn’t exist. Let’s take a look at all with five confirmed WWE signings, five rumored WWE signings and ten that are just wishful thinking on our part.

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20 Confirmed: WALTER

via WXW Wrestling

The signing of WALTER by WWE is already official. WALTER has been a fixture on the United Kingdom independent circuit along with international dates for respected companies like PWG and Evolve in North America. WWE is reportedly signing WALTER solely for the NXT UK brand.

There are very few great indie wrestlers that hit as hard or can make it seem as legitimate of a fight as WALTER does in his matches. NXT UK will have the potential of great matches for WALTER with the likes of Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven already established. Time will tell if he moves over to NXT or the main roster.

19 Rumored: Dalton Castle

via fite.tv

Dalton Castle still has some time left on his Ring of Honor contract, but there are already rumors about WWE planning to go after him. The personality and charisma of Castle have allowed him to become arguably the top star for ROH.

Castle dealt with injuries for most of 2018 and will hope to once again be a top star for ROH moving forward. The former ROH Champion has proven that he can be a main event player. WWE will want to add that to NXT by trying to officially sign Castle later in the year. Expect ROH, AEW and others to give WWE a run for their money with Castle likely benefitting from the new landscape of wrestling.

18 Wishful thinking: Marty Scurll

via twitter.com

Every member of The Elite appears to be "all in" on the future of All Elite Wrestling except for Marty Scurll. It is not by his choice at the moment since he is still under contract with Ring of Honor. Scurll is expected to be a huge part of ROH for the rest of the year and may turn out to be the face of the company.

When Scurll becomes a free agent, AEW will stand out as the favorite, since his closest friends are running it. However, WWE could be the better fit for his talent. Scurll excels more on the entertainment side and WWE showcases that best. The perk of his girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo already being on the roster could provide more influence.

17 Wishful thinking: LAX

via wrestleview.com

The LAX tag team has become one of the hottest acts in wrestling. Impact Wrestling has made Santana and Ortiz a focal point in their entire show. LAX’s storylines have sometimes surpassed the world title as the most important thing on the program.

Every promotion will want the young and exciting tag team on their show whenever their contracts are up. WWE may be the most ideal place since the Tag Team Division clearly needs some new credible teams to take off. LAX is currently as good as any team out there right now. Potential matches against The New Day, The Usos and others would be must-see television.

16 Confirmed: Karen Q

via youtube.com

The work from Karen Q in the Mae Young Classic impressed enough people in WWE to land her a likely contract. There are still the legalities that must be made official, but it appears Karen Q will be WWE bound very soon.

Karen Q has appeared in Ring of Honor a few times and there was hope of her becoming a fixture in their Women of Honor Division. However, she was eliminated first in a fatal four-way match at Final Battle to show the writing on the wall. WWE will likely introduce Karen Q as one of their next signings for the Performance Center unless something unexpected changes.

15 Rumored: Alberto Del Rio

via comicbook.com

One WWE rumor that has fans unhappy if it does come true would feature Alberto Del Rio returning to the company. WWE wants to have deep wrestlers even if it means everyone won’t be on television every week.

Del Rio is a name that often is pitched for a return due to Vince McMahon’s belief in him as a major star. The recent run of Alberto in WWE ended in horrible disappointment. Impact Wrestling and a few independent promotions have been burned by Del Rio missing their shows without a warning. There’s no need for any company to bring in Alberto, especially WWE.

14 Wishful thinking: Rosemary

via pinterest.com

The character of Rosemary is one of the most fascinating women in the wrestling world today. Rosemary was on the injured list for most of 2018. A return to start 2019 has fans excited about her future in Impact and beyond.

Rosemary's character work and fun matches made her a top draw for Impact in 2017. Free agency will be approaching soon, and WWE should be running to make an offer. The various WWE Women’s Divisions are all intriguing, but none has a wrestler like Rosemary. Bringing her character to the company would add something unique and different that can entertain the audience.

13 Wishful thinking: Eddie Edwards

via pinterest.com

Impact Wrestling has been the home of Eddie Edwards for many years now. From his start as a tag team wrestler with Davey Richards to his singles main event run, Edwards is always consistent. The problem is he has been in the company too long. Most fans associate the new acts as the people to watch in Impact due to how fresh they are.

Edwards would be better served by joining WWE when his contract expires. The history with WWE stars like Roderick Strong, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins would see him working with many close friends again. Edwards is one of the best in-ring performers at his best and it would be great to see him get a WWE run.

12 Confirmed: Jonah Rock

via youtube.com

Jonah Rock has been making waves all over the world as one of the more successful wrestlers to recently come from Australia. North American fans may recognize Rock from his time in PWG facing off with other big independent wrestling names.

WWE has reportedly already made a verbal agreement with Rock to start with the company in 2019. The best bet is that Jonah will either become part of NXT or NXT UK. There will be strong depth for each brand in WWE. Rock could breakout or he could get lost in the shuffle. Time will tell the future for this indie wrestling star in WWE.

11 Rumored: Rachael Ellering

via thefamouspeople.com

Rachael Ellering appeared in the Mae Young Classic and has delivered a few matches on the NXT show. The second-generation star is the daughter of the legendary manager Paul Ellering. It also helps that Rachael is dating NXT star Kassius Ohno.

There are rumors that WWE wants to add Ellering to the roster soon as more women from NXT get called up to the main roster. Her father Paul could even be free to manage after splitting from Authors of Pain if that is the route they want to go with her. Nothing is official yet, but Rachael joining WWE as rumored seems quite likely.

10 Wishful thinking: Will Ospreay

via enzuigiri.com

The incredible moves by Will Ospreay show us some things that we’ve never found before in wrestling. Ospreay is one of the biggest stars internationally right now. New Japan has moved Ospreay into the Heavyweight Division with the intent on pushing him as a major star.

Ospreay's work has since diversified to include more than just high spots. WWE would benefit immensely from bringing him in for a role in any brand. Ospreay has become one of the top wrestlers in the world and WWE wants to add everyone with such a reputation. Matches against the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Finn Balor would be worth a big contract alone.

9 Wishful thinking: Jay Lethal

via Betcruise Blog

Jay Lethal has become the face of Ring of Honor over the past few years. The recent departures of the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, and Adam Page from ROH has made the role of Lethal even more important. He is the one top star that doesn’t express an interest in leaving for a new wrestling home.

However, there is a great potential to become a bigger name in WWE. Lethal has everything WWE wants these days since he can have incredible matches in the ring but also showcase his comedic persona if needed. The fit would be good since legends like Ric Flair and Kevin Nash have already vouched for Lethal joining WWE publicly.

8 Confirmed: Trevor Lee

via pwmania.com

Trevor Lee had a solid run with Impact Wrestling that saw his contract expire at the end of 2018. The work in the X-Division would see Lee have fun but short matches with the other fast-paced workers in the company. Lee also has been a top name for PWG over the past few years when becoming a star by defeating Kevin Owens in his last match there.

WWE has already committed to signing Lee and he is expected to be named with the next official announcements of Performance Center recruits. At just 25-years-old, Lee has the potential to improve. He seems to think WWE is the right place for him.

7 Rumored: Batista

via ewrestling.news

Batista is a legendary name that is rumored to return to WWE soon is. The acting career of Batista has given him new fame as a worldwide celebrity and it would help provide interest in the WWE product ahead of WrestleMania 35.

Batista’s most recent appearance in WWE came at SmackDown 1000 when he had a moment of tension with Triple H during the Evolution reunion. Past interviews have featured Batista stating he wants to come back for a final match against Triple H before retiring. Rumors indicate he will get his wish with the big match coming at WrestleMania. Batista would have a short return for a few months leading up to it.

6 Wishful thinking: Tessa Blanchard

via pwmania.com

Tessa Blanchard has developed a reputation as one of the best female wrestlers in the world already at the young age of 23. The daughter of Tully Blanchard has grown up in the industry, but she has started to create her own legacy. Tessa has dominated the Impact Women’s Division as one of the faces of the company and had a spot in the women’s match at All In.

WWE let Blanchard pass in the past after a few NXT matches, but she has taken her game to another level. Tessa is clearly going to be a major free agent when her contract expires. WWE should sign her and put her on the main roster right away to start a feud with Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch.

5 Wishful thinking: Kazuchika Okada

via pinterest.com

Kazuchika Okada is currently the face of New Japan. In his legendary run as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, he dominated through all of 2017 and most of 2018. The current redemption story of Okada falling to be built back up shows that NJPW has to get creative with his booking.

Okada has shown interest in WWE in the past. The rumor mill speculated when Okada visited a WWE show backstage and met with some officials. WWE clearly loves going after the biggest names on the market. Okada is arguably the best wrestler in the world and could be a massive star in WWE if booked right.

4 Confirmed: ACH

via thechairshot.com

The reports of WWE expressing interest in ACH have been going on for a few months now. They have picked up to the point where this is a deal that is unofficially confirmed. ACH has been one of the top high-flying wrestlers on the independent circuit.

Despite the talent, he is one of the few free agents that did not have a full-time promotion. ACH’S prior runs with Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling ended without any long-term commitment. WWE is expected to announce ACH among their signings very soon. ACH clearly would have a spot in NXT with the potential to move up to the main roster in the future.

3 Rumored: KUSHIDA

via sescoops.com

The most surprising news coming out of New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom is that KUSHIDA will be leaving the company. Most fans expected the wrestlers from The Elite to leave given the All Elite Wrestling promotion starting. However, KUSHIDA has been a fixture in the NJPW Juniors Division with a legendary run.

The news of KUSHIDA leaving NJPW has led to strong rumors of him joining WWE. Many pundits expect KUSHIDA to appear at NXT as soon as WrestleMania 35 weekend. KUSHIDA has won over the North American audiences during his appearances in ROH. This is one of the top NJPW stars that would easily translate his skills to the new fans.

2 Wishful thinking: John Morrison

via twitter.com

There aren’t too many former WWE stars that can realistically return to the company and achieve huge success. John Morrison was a fixture in the mid-card and tag team picture throughout his WWE run. Despite never reaching the world championship, Morrison still had a strong following of fans that wanted to see him get to the top.

Since leaving WWE, Morrison has become a main eventer for Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and found a passion for acting. It still would be fun to see Morrison return to WWE one more time with a realistic chance at winning the WWE Championship this time around. There is more of an even playing field now that would help Morrison get a fair chance.

1 Wishful thinking: Pentagon and Fenix

via lastwordonprowrestling.com

WWE has tried to find another masked wrestler with a lucha libre background to find the same success as Rey Mysterio for a few years now. Kalisto and Sin Cara have failed to get to that level due to how difficult it is in WWE. Two wrestlers with the strongest chances of success are Fenix and Pentagon.

Both brothers have worked together in Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, MLW, PWG, and many other promotions. Fenix and Pentagon have become among the best wrestlers in the world with their superb matches. Their contracts will end with Impact soon and they’ll be hot free agents. AEW are the favorites to land them, but WWE should do everything they can to sign them. Fenix and Pentagon are the best masked wrestlers since Mysterio.

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