Conor McGregor Reportedly In Talks With WWE

WWE and UFC have been seeing more crossover these past few years, but if this star makes an appearance for Vince McMahon, it will eclipse everything.

Conor McGregor is apparently in talks with WWE and the UFC star could make his pro wrestling debut at WrestleMania 34 next year.

The relationship between professional wrestling and MMA is a close but complicated one. While pro wrestling is staged and its matches openly predetermined, fights in UFC and across all of mixed martial arts are not of course. Despite that, there has been plenty of crossover between the two sports with fighters becoming pro wrestlers and vice versa.

The last year or two has actually seen the bond between UFC and WWE become stronger than ever. Well. maybe bond is a bit of a strong word, but you get the drift. Brock Lesnar wrestled Mark Hunt at UFC 200 despite still being under contract with WWE. Then, even more recently, MMA star Shayna Baszler competed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic, plus her good friend Ronda Rousey sat ringside and is apparently training for a pro wrestling debut herself.


Well, according to British newspaper The Sun, the WWE/MMA crossover is about to take another big step. Vince McMahon is are apparently once again in talks with Conor McGregor and could be on the verge of bringing in the Irishman for a marquee match at WrestleMania 34 next year. Allegedly, the two parties attempted to get something sorted before, but other commitments for McGregor got in the way. This time though, his calendar is clear.


It's plain to see that McGregor has taken a lot of inspiration from the world of pro wrestling. His swagger is akin to that of Vince McMahon, and his outrageous promos and lavish lifestyle reek of someone who was obsessed with Ric Flair as a boy. What's also for sure is that McGregor in WWE would make for some must-see TV. While the match itself might not be particularly entertaining, the build and the promos leading to the match will be absolutely unmissable.


These aren't the first rumors of Conor McGregor potentially doing business with WWE, so it should be said this could once again lead to disappointment for anyone hoping to see the UFC star in a WWE ring. It is true that, for once, The Notorious One seems to have nothing on in the near future, so if the rumors of talks are true, then the chances of McGregor competing in WWE are higher now than they've ever been before.

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Conor McGregor Reportedly In Talks With WWE