Conor McGregor Admits To Being A Vince McMahon Fan

Conor McGregor admits that he loves Vince McMahon and confessed that the WWE chairman inspired his signature strut.

When it comes to pro wrestling, UFC star Conor McGregor doesn't normally have anything nice to say. Just last year the Irishman succeeded in winding up an entire industry by claiming he could effectively squash the whole WWE roster if he so wished. It's strange considering how evident it is that McGregor took a lot of inspiration from the wrestling world. The man actively personifies what Ric Flair preached for so many years, and now McGregor admitted his admiration for another iconic pro wrestling figure.

If you've ever seen any footage of McGregor, and chances are that you have, you probably noticed that he usually walks with an extremely over the top swagger. It matches up perfectly with his larger than life personality. If you think you've seen that swagger somewhere before, rest assured you have. Vince McMahon used to walk to the ring in that very same way, and judging by Conor's latest comments it was likely McMahon who influenced him enough to do the same.


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Previously, McGregor said "I stole that walk, and that walk is now mine," while also using some NSFW language telling McMahon where to go if he didn't like it. Well, fast forward a little to the present day and MMA writer Damon Martin reported via Twitter that McGregor had something slightly less intimidating to say about McMahon, that he loves him but also "he's a mad bastard."

Despite McGregor's feelings on WWE and pro wrestling often blowing hot and cold, you can rest assured that McMahon would give his right arm to have The Notorious One mimicking his iconic strut down one of his own ramps. When rumors of WWE trying to bring in MMA stars surface, McGregor is almost always the top priority on their list. Recently, Triple H invited both McGregor and his upcoming opponent Floyd Mayweather to come air their grievances on Raw. Unfortunately, though neither man accepted the invitation.


It's a shame that McGregor sometimes chooses to insult the world of professional wrestling, even if acting the way that he does is a part of his persona. Clearly, at some point, it was an important part of his life considering how many elements of it McGregor uses while on camera. Hopefully, one day, he will own it enough that we'll get to see the Irishman squaring up to someone on Raw, although putting a mic in his hand on a Monday night will likely not keep the product PG.

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