Contract Offers: 15 Wrestlers WWE Should Try And Sign Immediately

Here are fifteen pro-wrestlers that WWE need to hire immediately:

The WWE is always looking to sign new talent. Talent scouts looking all over the world to see who is up and coming or who's already establishing themselves. Whether it be due to popularity, athleticism or that star quality WWE always talks about. WWE are always looking for the next big thing. This desire for new talent brought Superstars like AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Shinsuke Nakamura into the WWE and thus far it has created excitement, some intense and classic matches in the WWE, as well as, bringing some of the Independent circuit fans over to the WWE.

As well as seasoned veterans, it also gives the WWE opportunities to scout out fresh new talent. For example, the United Kingdom Tournament earlier this year gave WWE a fresh new perspective and outlook on the possible future of WWE. The Tournament itself provided an inside look into a small talent pool that the United Kingdom has to offer. Standout stars such as Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Mark Andrews managed to shine during the event, giving the WWE Universe fresh new faces to look forward to getting to know and watching compete when they get their own weekly television Program at some point this year.

While WWE is beginning to showcase and sign Superstars that are currently making a huge impact and their increasing number or tournaments. Later on this year WWE will be hosting its first Women's Tournament. There are still a number of professional wrestlers that WWE needs to hire immediately.

Here are fifteen pro-wrestlers that WWE need to hire immediately:

15 Crazzy Steve


Crazzy Steve is arguably one of the most underrated talents in the Professional Wrestling industry. Not only has he perfected his crazy clown gimmick, he's also an extremely talented wrestler. For the past five years, Crazy Steve has been in Impact Wrestling aligning himself with two intimidating and unique stables; The Menagerie and Decay. Crazy Steve is a former tag team champion. Since leaving Impact, there have been rumours that Crazy Steve is possibly getting close to signing a deal with WWE.

If WWE does sign him and put him in the developmental brand NXT, Crazzy Steve could be a potentially great addition to NXT's current terrifying stable Sanity; which is currently led by another of Impact's former employees Eric Young. While it is unlikely, WWE could also put Crazzy Steve onto Raw and SmackDown where he could potentially align/feud with a number of Superstars. One possible feud could be to have him feud with Bray Wyatt with a mixture of mind-games and creative promos. Could Crazy Steve prove he's a fierce competitor against The Eater of Worlds?

14 Mike Bennett


Mike Bennett is another Impact ex-employee that could potentially be close to signing with the WWE. Rumours have speculated that both himself and his wife Maria Kanellis have been backstage at several recent Smackdown events. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis would be a great addition to Smackdown Live. With The Miz and Maryse recently being transferred to Raw in the Superstar Shake Up. Smackdown Live could use a new power couple a possible feud with John Cena and Nikki Bella could be on the cards since Maria and Nikki have a real life feud.

While maximizing on a new power couple, signing Mike Bennett could also be a benefit to WWE because of his athleticism as well as his dedication to the sport. Mike Bennett's arrival onto Smackdown Live could see possibly see him feuding with AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler or Tye Dillinger. The possibilities of what they could do with Mike Bennett is endless.

13 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley is no stranger to WWE. In fact in the early stages of his career were spent in a WWE ring. After he left the company, Bobby Lashley's career seemed to sky rocket into something that most people hoped for Lashley. In the WWE, h was dominant, explosive, he tore his opponent's apart.  Since his departure from WWE, Bobby Lashley has had successful careers in the MMA and Impact wrestling. Which is why WWE needs to think about trying to get him to sign a new contract.

Bobby Lashley has the star quality and experience to return to WWE to once again become the dominating force within the WWE. There would be no need to have him down in NXT for any amount of time because the WWE Universe already have such a strong connection with him. He could easily fit in the mainevent scene fighting the current top stars, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor even Samoa Joe. On the other hand, Bobby Lashley would also to prove to be a major threat to Brock Lesnar. With very similar fighting styles could Bobby Lashley be the one to destroy The Beast Incarnate?

12 Johnny Mundo


Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) used to be a fan favourite. When he departed WWE in 2011, there was an assumption that people might not ever hear of John Morrison again. Yet, John Morrison proved the world wrong as he began to compete on the Independent Circuit and just like his time in WWE he seemed to steal the spotlight whenever he went. Since his departure, John Morrison has improved considerably and made a name for himself in Lucha scene working for promotions such as Lucha Libre and Lucha Underground.

If WWE decided to continue where they left off, maintaining John Morrison's old gimmick would do well as a possible Cruiserweight, Tag Team partner or even mainevent star. A potential feud with Dolph Ziggler or the Miz could be an entertaining feud as all three of them have somewhat similar gimmicks. Perhaps, Shinsuke Nakamura, the two have distinctive wrestling styles. Regardless of the brands or feuds, WWE bringing back an old fan favourite is something they need to consider if they want the ratings to go up.

11 Ethan Carter III


Ethan Carter III might look familiar to some NXT fans that's because, before Ethan Carter III, Ethan wrestled under the name Derrick Bateman. Ethan spent three years down in NXT before he was later released from his contract. WWE might be regretting that decision, especially since being released from NXT, Ethan Carter III went on to make a major name for himself soon becoming one of Impact's main event stars. He's also transformed wrestler that not only do Wrestling fans love to hate whenever he's a heel, he's also loved when he's a babyface. Ethan Carter III  has a unique ability to be both sides of the coin. People get behind him no matter what character he's portraying.

Since WWE has been hiring a string of Impact stars, perhaps hiring this man should be on their priority list. Whether they place him back on NXT or either of the main brands, Ethan Carter III entering the WWE again will more than likely boost ratings and spice things up.

10 Jay Lethal


Jay Lethal is an extremely talented wrestler who would be a great addition to the WWE brand. Jay Lethal could be an easy addition to the WWE Roster, joining NXT, SmackDown, Raw or the Cruiserweight Division. Jay Lethal has an extensive record, six-time X Division Champion, Tag Team Championship with Consequences Creed more recognizable under his more popular name Xavier Woods. Jay Lethal's success didn't stop there when he headed to Japan when he broke the record being a two-time ROH World Television Champion and being the longest reigning champion. Signing Jay Lethal now makes sense. He's charismatic, athletically gifted. Since WWE is currently looking for a way to improve 205's ratings, bring Jay Lethal into the mix would spice things up. With the fresh yet experienced talent, not only would it bring the potential of new feuds and competition. It might just bring the heat and focus onto the Cruiserweight Division once again.

9 Ricochet


Ricochet is a young, entertaining wrestler that WWE needs to hire as soon as possible. Ricochet is at the age where WWE could transform him into a top WWE Superstar. Ricochet is another wrestler that has extensive Independent record. He's previously worked for Impact Wrestling, Ring on Honor, Lucha Libre USA etc. It would be insane if Ricochet wasn't on WWE's radar. He's talented, providing great athleticism, a wrestler that works hard and quickly adapts depending on the Wrestling Promotion that he works in. If WWE managed to come to an agreement in order to sign Ricochet, he could arguably become a top main event star. Providing WWE with matches that would go down in history as some of the greatest of all time.

Ricochet is one of the Independent stars that they need to think about offering a contract sooner rather than later.

8 Zack Sabre Jr.


Zack Sabre Jr. is a name some WWE fans might recognize. Zack Sabre Jr was one of the participants of the Cruiserweight Classic. Zack made it to the Semi Finals, but unfortunately, he lost. Some have speculated that perhaps the reason Zack didn't progress further into the competition was due to WWE and Zack not being able to come to an agreement. WWE might be not too keen to restart negotiations with Zack so soon but he was certainly one of the stand-out stars of the Cruiserweight Classic and it's a shame that WWE couldn't compensate in order to come up with an agreement.

If WWE did decide to restart negotiations with Zack, he would be an extremely exciting addition to 2o5 live. Zack's style, his natural charisma and ability to become a heel or a face. WWE could easily find a place for Zack on the 205 roster.

7 Jay Briscoe


Jay Briscoe is a very colourful pro-wrestler. The red neck wrestler continues to prove himself winning various titles, even winning the Tag Team titles with his brother Mark Briscoe. While in the past Jay has caused some controversy with his red neck character. Which he later apologized  for and donated his entire pay for two shows. But since then Jay has continued to work and move on from his mistakes.

If WWE decided to sign Jay Briscoe, they would have a ready-made self-assured heel. Jay Briscoe has that natural ability to get the crowd to dislike him and react to his persona. Jay Briscoe could potentially be a great addition to Monday Night Raw since Kevin Owens has left during the Superstar Shake Up. Raw needs a dominant fiery unstoppable heel that the crowd hate to love. Jay Briscoe could fill that role. He's definitely a wrestler that WWE needs to begin to have an eye on if they haven't done already.

6 The Young Bucks


The Young Bucks are probably more known for people who are avid New Japan wrestling fans. In case you've never heard of the Bucks before. Matt and Nick Jackson are two brothers who are a part of the Bullet Club who recently alongside Kenny Omega recent competed against some of WWE's most recent signees Trent Seven, Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne most commonly known as British Strong Style. Unfortunately for British Strong Style lost to the Elite. The

The Young Bucks are a tag team that WWE needs to think about expressing their interest too. They are an exciting, dynamic Tag Team that are so in sync with each other, they're likeable both in and outside of the ring. They are also multiple time Tag Team champions for different pro-wrestling companies. The Bucks have an extensive resume and it's a surprise that WWE has not already tried to sign them. The Young Bucks wouldn't have to spend time with NXT because they're already established and ready for either of the main brands.

5 Will Ospreay


Will Ospreay is a young and exciting British wrestler. At the age of 23, Will Ospreay is already proving himself to be a wrestler that people need to watch out for. It's surprising that Will Ospreay didn't feature in the United Kingdom that happened earlier this year. Regardless of this, it is likely that WWE might already be looking at Will.  Will Ospreay has recently joined New Japan Pro Wrestling. Perhaps WWE might consider offering Will a WWE contract when his time is done in New Japan.

Whether WWE could offer Will a position within WWE is questionable. However, Will Ospreay would be a great addition to NXT. Will Ospreay could definitely learn and take the time down in NXT becoming one of NXT's biggest stars before heading onto the main roster. It has been tested and proven that stars are born and made in NXT and thus far most of them seem to be able to reflect the same success when they arrive on the main roster.

4 Tama Tonga


Tama Tonga is another member of the Bullet Club. Tama Tonga's success has majority been within Japanese wrestling promotions, like Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tama Tonga is certainly a hard hitter and a powerhouse. When Tama joined the Bullet Club back in 2013, he seemed to transition into the Bullet Club easily.  Tama Tonga could definitely prove to be a great investment for the WWE. Tama Tonga has charisma like no other, he's confident and backs up what he says.

If Tama did join WWE, Raw could be a potential fit for the experienced wrestler, who already has a well-established character and persona. If WWE wanted to, they could possibly team Tama Tonga up with Roman Reigns to draw back some of the heat that Roman has been experiencing recently. They could also put Tama and Roman up against each other since they are both extremely similar in many ways.

3 Marty Scurll


While Marty Scurll is still relatively young, Marty has an extensive resume. He's wrestled for many different wrestling promotions from Impact to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla to Dragon Gate Uk and more recently Ring Of Honor. Marty "The Villian" Scurll, is a talented British wrestler who's arrogance could rival that of The Miz. While Marty Scurll has had a variation of gimmicks his current gimmick seems to fit him the most. As "The Villian" Marty has given entertaining promo's, great entrances and outstanding matches.

If WWE decided to sign him observing Marty's "Villian" gimmick would be highly engaging. WWE could also decide to put Marty in the Cruiserweight Division. He has been in the Cruiserweight Division before when he worked at International Pro Wrestling; United Kingdom where he was Cruiserweight Champion. Perhaps Marty Scurll could feud with the fellow Brit Jack Gallagher. Since both men carry an umbrella, perhaps the first umbrella match?

2 Adam Cole


Adam Cole has already expressed an interest in coming to WWE, more specifically NXT. With this being said, Adam Cole could be coming to WWE sooner rather than later. With his contract with Ring of Honor expiring soon. There are rumours that he could be heading for a brief stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling to face Kenny Omega. Could NXT be the next stop after that? With Adam Cole being down at NXT, it would give the WWE Universe the perfect opportunity to get to know Adam Cole, to build a rapport with them and to get used to wrestling within the WWE.

Adam Cole is going to be a great addition to the WWE, he's young, experienced and talented. Adam Cole's arrival is certainly going to be interesting. When it concerns Adam Cole, it's not a matter of if, it's definitely a matter of when.

1 Kenny Omega


Lastly, Kenny Omega. Kenny Omega has truly made a name for himself. Kenny Omega is known throughout the Independent scene. The majority of  Kenny Omega's success has been found in Ring of Honor. Kenny Omega is a standout and current Leader of the Bullet Club. Kenny Omega has proven that he's an all round performer, the athleticism, the star quality, the ability to preform under insane conditions. Kenny Omega can do it all. Earlier this year before the Royal Rumble, Kenny Omega was suspected to be one of the surprise entrants at the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, he wasn't but the WWE Universe were more than ready for the arrival of Kenny Omega.

If Kenny Omega were to arrive at WWE, not only would it give the WWE a shock. It could lead to some incredible matches. Seth Rollins vs. Kenny Omega since Seth Rollins recently began using Kenny Omega's own finisher. If Kenny Omega arrived at the WWE things would certainly become interesting

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Contract Offers: 15 Wrestlers WWE Should Try And Sign Immediately