10 Most Controversial Things Triple H Has Done In Wrestling

Triple H’s reputation in the wrestling industry features a hit list of both positive and negative moments. The positive side features Triple H’s legendary career of great matches and the recent role in hiring amazing talents for the future of WWE. However, the negative track record has been strong for a long time with many stories making him look like someone worth criticizing. The moments to paint Triple H in a negative light combine both things on screen and behind the scenes.

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We will look at the controversial memories of Triple H’s career in the ring and in the boardroom. These are the reasons some wrestlers will never trust him despite the change in his standing as a beloved executive for WWE. Find out just what made The Game such a polarizing figure in the wrestling industry. Here are the ten most controversial things Triple H has done in wrestling.

10 Trying to sabotage The Rock

Triple H and The Rock were the two hottest rising stars in the mid-90s when both received pushes in WWE. Bret Hart revealed that the feud between Rock and Triple H extended beyond the screen going backstage. Triple H apparently used his power of being friends with Shawn Michaels to try to hold back Rock.

This was shown to be true as Rock refused to work with Michaels when he was a bigger star with the power to turn down ideas. Rock and Triple H have made peace throughout the years to become friends, but the early tension almost sabotaged an iconic career.

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9 Leaving WCW for smaller WWE contract

One rare move from Triple H came in the 90s when he jumped ship from WCW to WWE. The short time in WCW would see Triple H working with William Regal in the tag team picture along with the occasional mid-card match. Triple H however had his heart set on working in WWE.

It was a bit surprising in the 90s when someone would accept a lower offer from one of the two promotions. Triple H decided the opportunity of joining WWE was worth the risk and it eventually paid off in the end.

8 Coming up with Montreal Screwjob

Various people have claimed to come up with the idea of the Montreal Screwjob finish during the controversial Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart match at Survivor Series 1997. WWE’s documentary series looking at the moment showcased Triple H as the man behind the master plan.

Triple H was involved in the conversations about the match as Michaels’ right-hand man at the time. The claim was that Triple H suggested having the referee ring the bell without Hart knowing ahead of time and WWE went with. This created issues between Hart and Triple H that still is referenced today.

7 Insulting Lilian Garcia's looks

The inside jokes of Triple H in promos have created some controversial moments throughout the years. One classless comment came when ring announcer Lilian Garcia was his main target. The reference came when Triple H joked that Lilian needed to stop “horsing around.”

Multiple reports claimed that this was Triple H’s running joke comparing the looks of Garcia to a horse. WWE legend Mick Foley even went out of his way to write a blog calling out Triple H for such awful comments. Triple H never responded but it remains a controversial moment in his career.

6 Insulting AEW during HOF speech

The emergence of All Elite Wrestling has seen WWE reference it subtly in recent months. Triple H was the only person to go directly after it during his portion of D-Generation X’s Hall of Fame speech. AEW coach and producer Billy Gunn took part in the ceremony as part of DX.

Triple H mocked Gunn for his role in the “pissant company” a few months ahead of its debut. This sparked Cody’s retribution of smashing a throne designed like Triple H’s from a prior WrestleMania entrance with a sledgehammer.

5 Segment marrying Stephanie McMahon

The marriage between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon outside of the ring is referenced as an important part of the company today. However, the on-screen storyline between the two in 1999 is a bit less celebrated looking back at how it went down.

Triple H apparently drugged Stephanie and took her to a 24/7 wedding chapel. The unconscious Stephanie was married to Triple H to start the storyline. There was a heel turn of Stephanie wanting to get revenge on her dad by marrying Triple H, but that doesn’t take away from the controversy of the wedding.

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4 Dominating title picture

Triple H’s legacy as a champion would see him win world titles on fourteen different occasions. Recent years have seen Triple H step away from the ring to take a bigger role in the backstage duties of running the company. However, that doesn’t remove the criticism from the prime years of his career.

Many wrestlers and pundits accused Triple H of dominating the title picture by holding down others. Talents like Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Goldberg felt the wrath of Triple H’s title reigns. Triple H was almost always involved in the title picture which prevented others from getting a fair chance.

3 Katie Vick segment

The Katie Vick segment comes up when discussing the most embarrassing moments in the wrestling business. A back story for Kane was revealed when Triple H outed his past of drive under the influence as a teenager and getting into a car accident that killed his girlfriend Katie.

This was already embarrassing enough, but the angle would sink to new lows. Triple H pretended to be Kane and essentially humped a corpse in a casket implied to be Vick. The low moments added nothing to the feud and Kane didn’t even get the title win. Triple H likely regrets this one as well since he was the one most involved in the low moments.

2 Role in CM Punk's departure from WWE

CM Punk’s departure from WWE still holds a sore spot in most wrestling fans that miss the legend. Backstage tension between Punk and Triple H would see them never get on the same page. Rumors circulated that Triple H trashed Punk backstage in front of others early in Punk’s WWE career.

They finally worked together during Punk’s biggest push as a top face. Triple H came out of retirement to beat Punk in a one-off match that added more questions to his role in Punk’s booking. The eventual decision to leave WWE would see Punk have a negative interaction with Triple H as one of the reasons he wanted out.

1 Infamous feud with Booker T

The most controversial chapter of Triple H’s career came during the WrestleMania 19 feud with Booker T. Triple H defended the World Championship against Booker at the big event, but the storyline leading up to it is what most people remember about the feud.

Various comments implied racism when Triple H kept stating “people like Booker” were not meant to be world champions. The offensive comments made fans assume Booker was winning the title given how deep WWE went into the story. Triple H somehow won the match to retain the title after weeks of racist promos to make it even worse.

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