Corey Graves Apears On Booker T's Podcast After Angry Rant

Booker T and Corey Graves managed to fool most of the wrestling world by essentially faking a feud between the both of them after Booker T was replaced on Raw by Jonathan Coachman.

During Booker T's Heated Conversations show, he revealed that even though he called Graves out, it was all fake.

Booker T even admitted that he's happy to leave Raw and return to his previous position, while Graves said he knew right away that Booker T was just working everyone and that he had fun with it.


"A lot of people don't know how hard I was smiling when [WWE] told me I was going to be moving back to my old position," said Booker regarding leaving his spot on the Raw commentary booth.

Graves was surprised that the whole thing was blown up so much by the media.

"First of all, like personally, I was entertained by how we were able to work the entire wrestling industry," said Graves. "Somehow, nobody bothered to call or anything, and it just took off like crazy. My Twitter was on non-stop refresh for like two days. Some of the fans were so mad, I was getting some terrible, terrible Twitter and Instagram messages and all that. And I'm laughing about it, [and I'm like], but what do we do with this?"

Even Michael Cole was fooled by the entire ordeal and was ready to stand up for Graves by wrestling Booker T, since Graves can no longer get in the ring.

You can watch the video below of Booker and Graves talking about how they fooled everyone.

Graves made a good point when he said that it's scary how not one media person that covers wrestling contacted him or Booker T and just went with the story that both guys hate each other.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed that the real reason Booker T was removed from Raw was because WWE hired Jonathan Coachman. It looks like the company felt the need to make an upgrade over Booker. It's nothing more than that.

Let's be honest, Booker T wasn't great on TV. Fans were split on their love for him in the booth and it made sense for WWE to bring back "The Coach," since he was with WWE before leaving for ESPN in 2008.

Coachman also made some part-time appearances with WWE since 2016, so it's not a surprise that he ended up coming back on a full-time basis.

For those fans who don't like to see Booker T off of TV, he'll still be used on the pre-shows before pay-per-views.


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Corey Graves Apears On Booker T's Podcast After Angry Rant