Corey Graves Destroys Vince Russo On Twitter

Corey Grave's Twitter game is strong, and Vince Ruso learned that the hard way when he called out the WWE announcer.

Corey Graves and Vince Russo had a bit of a spat on social media recently. Vince Ruso is one of the most controversial names in wrestling. Whether it's his work in WWE, WCW, or TNA, some love him, but most don't. A big reason for this is because he chooses the path of an attention-seeker, hoping his mouth might draw eyeballs to his podcast. Often times it does, but perhaps, after crossing paths with WWE announcer Corey Graves, he'll think twice.

Russo has never been shy about discussing everything wrestling, even though he's no longer involved in the process of creating a wrestling show.  A former writer for WWE and head-writer for WCW, his reputation is that of wildly imaginative creative mind that had as many good ideas as he had bad and that a filter was needed to keep him reigned in. His takes on wrestling now that he's out of the creative scene, prove that theory might be true. As suggested by one of Russo's tweets, he needs to have someone coaching him on good choices and bad.

The above tweet was taken from a series of posts as Russo decided to live-tweet Monday's episode of Raw. Among his many opinions was his take on the WWE announce crew who Russo believed did a poor job of calling the Braun Strowman versus Jason Jordan match.


Graves, not one to shy away from a good Twitter war decided to let Russo know, his opinion didn't much matter.

As you can tell by the timeline, it took Graves a while to either notice Russo's tweet or Graves let some time pass before choosing to respond, but it's pretty awesome that he did. In one foul swoop, the actively employed Graves shot down Russo's criticism and called the former writer out on his Christianity, both of which will be very difficult for Russo to deny.

The lesson here seems to be, don't mess with Corey Graves unless you want it thrown right back in your face. He's wittier than you and he's probably smarter. Russo didn't seem to stand a chance.


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Corey Graves Destroys Vince Russo On Twitter