Corey Graves Predicts WWE Superstar Will Break Out At Survivor Series

On a recent episode of After the Bell, Corey Graves predicted this year’s Survivor Series might be a breakout show for one particular WWE Superstar.

Sometimes an injury or a change in plans to one performer becomes the thing that another particular star needs to explode their potential. Graves believes that might be the case for Big E, who while one of the most popular WWE Superstars in the tag team division has all the tools to be a huge singles star.

Graves admitted that Big E and the rest of New Day have publicly declared no desire to break up as a group, but with New Day being inserted into the Survivor Series tag match that includes the Viking Raiders and Undisputed Era, Graves has labeled the match a potential show-stealer with Big E the man to watch.

Graves praises Big E on the show and said he wasn’t just among the most entertaining WWE Superstars in the company, but one of the most hilarious human beings he’d ever met. Big E was once a singles NXT Champion, Intercontinental Champion and a star on the rise who settled into a role in one of the most popular factions ever. But, with Xavier Woods out of commission and Kofi Kingston no longer the champion, Survivor Series might be the show he proves Big E is getting to re-showcase some of his star power. After all, he accomplished all those singles accolades when he was relatively green and now he's a seasoned professional.

What Would Be Best For Big E?

Is Graves right? Is this the time Big E gets to show his stuff? Kingston had a turn and while many will argue his run as WWE Heavyweight Champion came to an end earlier than it should have, perhaps Big E can pick up the torch?

If so, which belt would you give him? And, what would happen to Kingston along the way?

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