Corey Graves Takes Another Shot At Booker T On Raw

Things are really starting to heat up between Booker T and Corey Graves with the latter seemingly taking a shot at the former live on Raw this week.

Last week WWE revealed that Booker T's time behind the announce desk was over, for the time being anyway. The WWE Hall of Famer commentated at the Royal Rumble and then 24 hours later the newly rehired Jonathan Coachman was sitting in his seat on Raw. It brought an end to months of nonsensical—and frankly quite amusing—comments from the former World Champion.


While on Raw, Booker T had a lot of on-screen banter with fellow announcer Corey Graves. Well, following some comments made recently it seems as if it may have been more than just banter. On Booker T's podcast last week, the former announcer claimed that Graves is the reason he isn't on Raw anymore and that if he saw him on the street he would fight him.

Graves posted a somewhat cryptic response on Twitter and then said something a lot less cryptic on Raw this past Monday night. During Bayley's entrance Coach made a comment to which The Savior of Misbehavior replied: "better be careful Coach, watch your tongue or you might be doing afternoon radio locally." You can check out the clip below.

Graves is referencing Booker's podcast of course which runs on CBS Houston. Clearly, the former NXT Tag Team Champion obviously believes that the accusations made by Booker T on the aid podcast are ridiculous. What will be interesting now is if Booker responds to what was said by Graves on Raw. Plus, let's not forget that the former WCW World Champion is still an employee of WWE and may cross paths with Graves when he returns for kick off shows.

As is almost always the case with pro wrestling, there is every possibility that this is all a work. That Booker T and Graves saw an opportunity to wind up the fans and have a little fun. It was only the week prior to Booker T's removal from Raw that Graves was praising his former announce colleague on Edge and Christian's podcast. It isn't going to end in a match but watch out for what's next in this saga.


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Corey Graves Takes Another Shot At Booker T On Raw