Corey Graves Tells Twitter He Is Retiring, Media Outlet Responds

With all of the rumors floating around regarding announce changes in WWE, Corey Graves said he was clearing the air by announcing his retirement.

There has been plenty of buzz that names like Michael Cole, Renee Young, Vic Joseph, and others will be switching shows or changing brands as WWE settles each of Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT into their networks and times. Who was exactly switching and where they were going was unclear, but there were a number of sources claiming a number of changes were forthcoming.

One announcer who was mentioned in many of the rumors, Corey Graves, tried to "help" clear the air on the rumors by stating where he might wind up. Instead of posting on Twitter that he'd been heading to SmackDown Live or staying on Raw, Graves said, "Just to clear up all of the rumors I see swirling around about the commentary changes in @WWE - I’m retiring."

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Not long after posting, his feed was flooded with comments ranging from "No! Please don't go" to comments like 'who cares', with some realizing Graves was probably working everyone and having fun with his Twitter followers. Popular wrestling rumors reporter @WrestleVotes commented as well.

Saying, "Relaxing everyone, Corey Graves is not retiring. However, the plan as of this Tuesday was that he is moving to SmackDown on FOX along with Michael Cole. And he will only appear on SD. No more double duty for Graves," the Twitter account tried to calm people upset Graves might be telling the truth.

Graves To SmackDown? What Does That Mean?

If WrestleVotes is correct and Graves is headed to SmackDown Live, that means a potentially full shifting of announcing crews. Rumors were already out there that Renee Young and Michael Cole would be moving. If Graves joins them, that's the entire team from Raw.

What would that mean as far as replacements go? We know Vic Joseph of 205 Live might be one. Who else is coming to the red brand?

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