Corey Graves Says He Started 'Weighing His Options' After Daniel Bryan Returned

In an interview with Justin LeBar, the host of Wrestling Inc., Corey Graves, the color commentator for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, hinted at a possible return to the ring. Graves, who debuted as a wrestler in 2000, signed with the WWE in 2011, though he was forced to retire after a 2014 match against Sami Zayn where he suffered a serious concussion.

However, now that Daniel Bryan has been given the go-ahead by WWE doctors to head back to the ring, Graves is contemplating a return as well.

"He's a friend, incredible in the ring - that's where he belongs. It caught me off guard. I started asking questions to myself, should I? What if? I had a few conversations with a few people [in WWE] who put it out there. If you want to pursue this, maybe we can look into it. So, I spent about a week and a half weighing the options. It was, do I become a wrestler again and what happens?" Graves said.

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Though greatly admired for his color commentary, Graves return to wrestling would certainly draw a crowd. Fans have fond memories of Graves and Jake Carter defeating Bo Rotundo and Husky Harris at the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship, as well as the win with Adrian Neville over Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at the NXT Tag Team Championship, both in 2012.

Asked about whether he would step down from his role as a commentator, Graves said, “Again, this is all potential of would this work out, do I end up on the sidelines. I talked to my wife, talked to some friends. I think as much as I don't believe in fate, this all kind of worked itself out so I think this is where I belong so why step out of it?”

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Graves' brother, wrestler Sam Adonis, who is performing in Mexico for CMLL, has also commented on his sibling's possible return to the ring following Bryan’s announcement.

"I would love WrestleMania 38 live from Heinz Field, Sam Adonis against Corey Graves. Who is to say? But the baby brother in me is really, really excited about it. Hopefully… I don't know if he wants to, but if it meant that it's something that's possible for him, and make him happy, I truly trust the WWE medical staff and everything like that. I think they'll make the right decisions, not only for my brother, but for all the WWE Superstars."


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